Strategic Plan

Verso L'Alto!

Kennedy Catholic Strategic Plan 2019-2025

Kennedy Catholic is defining today what Catholic high school education should look like in the future. We are delivering on daring initiatives preparing graduates for college and exciting careers. We are creating a place of success for all students with no one waiting on the sidelines.

Our next strategic plan "Verso l’Alto" (To the Heights) will bring fresh objectives to our mission and vision and offer an ambitious agenda for capitalizing on our strengths.

With feedback from over 200 constituents, we have gathered critical data and insight to confirm the key priorities and objectives for Kennedy Catholic through 2025. Information was collected through personal interviews with stakeholders, a series of focus groups for alumni, parents, faculty and supporters, and a digital survey. Data collection occurred in the fall of 2018 and winter of 2019. Objectives have been defined in the following key areas: faith, knowledge + programs, access + equity, student life + school climate, outreach + marketing, philanthropy, and organization + governance. Measurable goals and outcomes to successfully meet each objective are in final review.


We will provide a learning environment where spiritual development complements intellectual development. We will strive to ensure faith is integrated across all disciplines and to strengthen students’ relationship with Jesus Christ. We will provide opportunities for students to see their role in the world as a missionary disciple of Christ bringing light to those in need emotionally, socially, and economically.

Knowledge + Programs

Every student at Kennedy Catholic will achieve personal success and develop a passion for learning with an understanding of their ability to shape their future. We will strategically evaluate and develop our academic program through continuous improvement, innovation, and assessment to ensure excellence in education within the context of Catholic values for an inclusive and diverse student body. We will create a rigorous academic culture which encourages the celebration of academic success. We will provide a premium educational experience that challenges students to achieve their fullest potential.

Access + Equity

We will seek and support diverse students with a strong potential for success and provide the resources and experiences to capitalize on their promise. We will expand our reach, not merely for the sake of growth, but because we are committed to our responsibility to prepare students for a global society and for their future. We will remain committed to the appropriate mix of relevant programs and delivery methods to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Student Life + School Climate

Kennedy Catholic is dedicated to the wellness and well-being of the whole student. In addition to academic and moral development, we prepare students to embrace a commitment to lifelong learning and personal development, and to become informed, engaged, active, and productive citizens.

Outreach + Marketing

Our identity and brand will be authentic, well-defined, and known by our stakeholders. Our constituents will know who we are, what we stand for and what we contribute to the community at large, on a local, regional and international level. We will leverage the strengths of our stakeholders, friends and donors, including businesses and sponsors, partner elementary schools, and universities. These partnerships will enable us to provide a premium learning experience for our students and contribute to the rich diversity of our community.


Kennedy Catholic is dedicated to securing the financial resources necessary to support the school's continued pursuit of excellence and rich diversity while continuing to strengthen the culture of philanthropy across all constituencies to ensure sustainability.

Organization + Governance

Kennedy Catholic will provide a stable and sophisticated infrastructure and oversight team to ensure seamless operations and decision-making for the advancement of the mission and the fulfillment of all strategic and programmatic goals.