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Kennedy Catholic Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Verso L'alto! What do you see as the key strengths of Kennedy Catholic? What do you see as Kennedy Catholic’s opportunities for improvement? What are the critical issues that Kennedy Catholic needs to face over the next five years? What do you tell others about Kennedy Catholic? In your opinion, what defines an excellent Catholic high school? What do you believe would most transform Kennedy Catholic over the next decade?

These are among the important questions faculty and staff, students, administrators, constituents, and alumni explore through our strategic planning process. Fifty years after its founding, Kennedy Catholic is known for its excellence in Catholic education, for the opportunities it affords students of all backgrounds, and for delivering on daring initiatives preparing graduates for college and exciting careers.

Going forward, Verso L’alto will ensure Kennedy Catholic remains strong while establishing a framework to help chart the course for our future. It will provide school leadership with a clear sense of current and future opportunities and vulnerabilities, identify means of capitalizing on or mitigating them, and establish goals to guide decision making.