President's Message

Monthly Reflections from President Mike Prato

This monthly Reflection Series is intended to provide readers with reflections on the Gospels that are relevant to our school events and activities and are spiritually up-lifting.

When I was young, 'give up' were the words my cousin and I used when we wrestled at my grandparent's house and one of us got the upper hand. Later, they were words directed to us by our parents when it was Lent. "What are you giving up for Lent?" (not so much a question, more of a suggestion)

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As the president of Kennedy Catholic High School, I am super lucky to have a schedule that allows me to occasionally work within city government, to have lunches with prospective partners and to even meet with State lobbyists in Olympia, advocating for support of Catholic education. Sometimes, my schedule includes traveling internationally in search of the perfect Lancer families.

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