President's Message

Monthly Reflections from President Mike Prato

This monthly Reflection Series is intended to provide readers with reflections on the Gospels that are relevant to our school events and activities and are spiritually up-lifting.

Recently, I had the occasion to speak to a group of Filipino mothers on the merits of Catholic education, a function of my job whether at open house, regional nights, coffee with the president or after the 10am Sunday Mass. What made this conversation unique? They were skyping me from a hotel in downtown Manila at 1:00am PST in the morning.

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Growing up, one thing I distinctly remember was the joy I felt when we were in a crowd of people and my dad would let me sit on his shoulders. At the time, I didn't know why, but I loved that experience. Today, I realize I loved it because it made me feel big. I could see farther and know more than I could walking down in the crowd. I had an inner strength that was only possible because I was on the firm foundation of my father's shoulders.

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Our Lenten experience concludes with the journey to the empty tomb. News of the risen Christ reaches those closest to Him, then spreads to the greater community, taking us through the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles at Pentecost. The promises, the announced transformation, the newly defined mission; so our Catholic church begins.

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Dream, listen, share, mobilize and execute are five essential words we live by as staff members at Kennedy Catholic. In addition, a foundation in prayer. Deep trust is given to us by our parents and students, so delivering on their investment in Catholic education is our duty.

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