Just like any other Lancer at Kennedy Catholic, our mascot Lance proudly represents the school and the community. Get to know Lance by learning the ABC’s of being a Lancer.

A Lancer knows the importance of finding their voice and using it to speak up and look out for others, so everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Boundaries can’t confine the dreams of a Lancer. They are not content just dreaming about what they’ll be – they’re focused on what they will do to achieve their dreams.

A Lancer takes advantage of all there is to offer. From the stage of the Little Theatre to the wide-open play field, a Lancer isn’t afraid to express themselves and try new things.

A Lancer knows that faith is always an open invitation. They explore and question who they are and who God calls them to be.

Striving to gain a panoramic perspective of the diverse world around them, a Lancer seeks out opportunities to engage in the world and deeply appreciates sharing in the experience of others.

A Lancer knows the importance of balance. They work hard, but they laugh a lot, and they know how to have fun.