Our Lancer Family is made up of students, teachers, staff, parents, alumni and friends. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers – from different backgrounds, with different beliefs, cultures, and values. With so many unique individuals coming and working together, we learn from each other’s experiences as everyone brings their perspectives forward. Collaboration leads to innovation.

Just like in any family, sometimes we fight, we disagree, we have differences of opinion – but we don’t abandon each other. In times of loss, challenge and disagreement, stability and objectivity are critical. Families dedicate time and energy supporting each other through difficult times because of the bonds created and nurtured since the time each became part of the family. Above all, a family always strives to love and respect one another. Even in the face of dispute.

Those of us here, working with and for our students, are deeply dedicated educators. Decisions made and events out of our control do not define us. Being a community is about solving problems, being flexible, adapting to our changing circumstances, and celebrating each other while being committed to helping and inspiring our students to achieve their fullest potential. We can and should model resilience, positivity and strength. Our students are watching us and following our lead.

It is in the diversity of perspective when productive and constructive dialogue can take place – and dialogue can transmit change. Changing community is about taking stock of our own personal actions. Through our own actions did we make life better for others, did we seek to support others on the margins, did we listen (really listen) to others thoughts and opinions, did we believe others actions were taken with goodwill in their heart?

We are Lancers. We are leaders – and we are groundbreakers. We make our voices heard – but we listen to others. We are not perfect, but we are family.

This year, more than ever, we ask you to consider a gift to Kennedy Catholic. Why? Because a well functioning family provides financial security for everyone living in the household. All members of our family need our support. Everyone has hard times and during hard times, a family has each other’s back.

Right now, we need you because our family needs you.

A robust financial assistance program enriches all our students’ experience by weaving together a student body full of unique dreams and talents. Currently, almost half of our students receive some level of support either in financial assistance or scholarship. We want to maintain this standard next year – but we can’t do this without the support of our whole community.

We are proud of our tradition of not letting a family’s finances get in the way of a Lancer education. We want to continue this tradition especially during a time when everyone and everything about the future is uncertain.

Thank you for considering a gift to keep a Lancer education accessible. We are optimistic for our future! ◆

Making a donation to Kennedy Catholic helps provide financial assistance to families in need, equitable salaries and benefits for teachers and staff, modern facilities, and enriching programs.

Give Now.