A Letter from the Class of 1970 to the Class of 2020

Congratulations! You made it! We bet it may not feel like it. These are strange and unique times. We are sure your lives have been turned upside down, but you keep on striving for the future, as you should. Each of us faces different circumstances and ways to cope right now. Honoring that is important.

As we reflect upon our times at Kennedy, it brings a rush of memories. We are sure it does for you as well. We were the pioneers and precedent setters. We set the tone for the years that followed. We did our best. We are sure you have also done your best. We faced challenges, as you have faced challenges. Our challenges included the Vietnam War and the draft. Times were very uncertain then and there was social upheaval. Not unlike now. What was important for us to remember was that we had differences, but we also had much in common. Just like you do in your Class of 2020. We were proud of our accomplishments. Our teachers helped us strive for excellence. We personally know some of your teachers and we also know they have helped you become good citizens of your school and society. They modeled for you how to be faith-filled people of justice. It is inspiring to us to witness that about you. We would like to share with you some reflections that helped us make our way through the past fifty years since we graduated:

Build peace in your heart, mind, body, and soul – learn how to relax.

Seek happiness in your life so you have the balance you need to endure.

Celebrate joy in your life so you focus on being where you should be at the right time.

Look for and accept challenge in your life so you learn, stretch, and grow.

Be youthful in your life so you never forget the feeling of excitement.

Take moderate risks in your life so you can experience the rush of being on the edge.

Have faith in your life so you are grounded and confident in your control. Have hope in your life so you see the endless possibility of what can be.

Have love in your life so you know the feeling of total bliss.

Have focus in your life so you can move with purpose in all you do.

Have goals in your life so you have a roadmap for success.

Make friends through your life so you know the power of listening.

Be humble in your life so you know how it feels to win or lose.

Be forgiving in your life so you know the value of imperfection and empathy

Be generous in life so you know the feeling of returning to others what you have received.

Get to know yourself early and often in life so you become your best and remain happiest.

Know God in your life so you realize that you are who you are because of His abundant love!

Words of wisdom? Maybe. We have not always been wise. But wisdom comes with experience and having some ways to reflect on how we are doing. We encourage you to take the time along your path to reflect. Our wish for you is that you succeed in all you aspire to, achieve all the happiness you deserve, and to keep some perspective on yourself and the world around you. God speed to each of you!

Best wishes from the Lancer graduating Class of 1970