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The athletic department is collecting all uniforms and team-issued gear/equipment from last year's winter and spring sports seasons.

Bring your clean uniform sealed in a bag and labeled on the outside with your name and sport. Related equipment should also be labeled/returned. There will be a large drop-off bin just inside the main-office doors. Please ensure you write your name and sport on the return sheet located beside the bin.

Please email Ms. Umeda with questions.

Read more about Winter/Spring Uniform Return

Business Office

Campus Life

To excuse an absence, a parent/guardian must contact the Campus Life Office by 206.246.3787 or before 9am, the day of the absence. When contacting the Campus Life Office, please provide your student's name, year in school and reason for absence. Students who are absent without a phone call or email will be considered truant.

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Campus Ministry

In light of COVID-19, some revisions have been made to the 30-hour junior year ISLE requirement. We recognize the great many needs in our communities and that serving the wider community is not always possible or safe for our students. Please visit us here to learn more about COVID-19 ISLE revisions.

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Colleges and universities will host virtual college visits for Kennedy Catholic students. Most college and university visits will take place during the self-care, 00 period or after school. Students can access the sign-up through their 2021 Lancer Canvas page.

Please email your student's counselor with any questions.

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Students are assigned counselors based on the first letter of their last name. Student assignments have changed this year. Please take a moment to review your student's assignment for this year.

A - F | Nancy Montstream
G - Mc |Diana Soto
Me - S | Alvin Lui
T - Z | John Wright

Counseling Department Intern |
Laura Breshock

Counseling Assistant |
Lisa Jandusay

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Fine Arts

There will be Theatre activities at Kennedy Catholic this year! A series of socially distanced projects are in the works, including a holiday-themed radio podcast and a film adaptation. To learn more, please attend an informational Zoom meeting on Tuesday, September 22 at 3pm. If you can't attend but are still interested in participating, contact Mr. Lapan.

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Parent Groups

Senior News