• Issue 6

Bonjour! Not even Distance Learning could stop National French Week this year!

Even though it was slightly different, the spirit of enjoying French culture and a little competition was very much present. The students in Madame Lewis’ French classes took part in their annual team competitions of trivia, phonetics, and guessing games.

Freshman Sarah R. had the best score out of all the French students in the AATF (American Association of Teachers of French) annual Kahoot French culture competition for Kennedy Catholic, so she was entered for a chance to move on to round two. We wish her bonne chance! Students also played games online and took part in our annual dress up challenges like scarf day and Dress French day – even some teachers dressed up!

Our distance learning format helped Madame Lewis get a little creative by using Flipgrid to share students’ video and photo entries for the dress up days as well as some new competitions like #baguetting (where you use a French baguette in place of an everyday object), a Dégustation day where students tried out some French food at home, and a French song lip-sync contest!

Students were exposed to a French-themed meme and a virelangue "tongue twister" each day on their Canvas home page. On our final day, students wrote Merci "thank you" cards to teachers. Overall, the students enjoyed a break from the everyday learning and having a homework-free week.

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