• Issue 2

1. Our faculty & staff are rock stars 
Whether it’s performing science experiments, listening to students about what they hope for in a high school education or showing families functioning robots in the media lab, we can say without a doubt that our faculty and staff are true rock stars. While we already knew we had some pretty impeccable people who mentor, teach and coach in our building, it was a wonderful reminder of how they graciously and selflessly usher our students through these four years of their lives, committed to the fullest potential of each student.

2. There’s no shortage of spirit in the Lancer Family 
Walking the halls during Open House is always exciting! The building is truly alive, with students sharing their excitement for clubs and service, our mascot Lance dancing through the hallways, and the lively drumline and cheer team welcoming future Lancers into the building. While spirit days and sporting events show Lancer pride, Open House evokes pride in a very unique way. Students passionately shared why they love being part of the Lancer Family, expressing a sense of belonging and inclusivity, which contributes to the collective spirit of the school.  

3. The possibilities are endless for future Lancers 
With 75 college credits available, countless service opportunities, 26 varsity athletics teams and over 50 clubs and activities, the possibilities truly are endless at Kennedy Catholic. Lancers not only learn inside the classroom, but also through involvement. With a diverse campus community, students learn to appreciate the experience of others on many levels. Finding your place in the Lancer Family won’t be a problem because there really is something for everyone. 


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