• Issue 6

Congratulations to Junior Lancer Lyn S. for her notable achievement of placing 2nd in the Beginning/Intermediate Category at the ASL Honors Societies (ASLHS) national annual Eric “Malz” Malzkuhn ASL Literature Competition, in honor of one of the early pioneers of ASL storytelling.  Not only did Lyn win, but she was also one of only two high school students in the entire competition to win a top prize.

Each year, ASLHS sponsors two competitions in the fall and spring. The missions of the competitions are to "expose students to the artists, genres, and visual expressions of deaf culture as expressed through art." The fall competition is the Chuck Baird Memorial Art Competition, in honor of honor of beloved deaf artist. 

In the spring they sponsor the literature competition which has two categories: Beginning/Intermediate, open to all ASL 1 and ASL 2 high school and college students across the United States as well as an Advanced Category, open to high schools and college ASL 3 and above students.

Lynn won 2nd Place in the Beginning/Intermediate Category for an original story, “The Cat & the Bird,” in a traditional literature genre known as ABC stories. First Place, Third Place, and Honorable Mention went to college students.  Her prize consisted of national recognition, her winning video posted on YouTube, and a cash prize, as well as a signed print from CJ Jones, a renowned deaf artist.

Also, in fall of 2019, Kennedy Catholic had two Lancers, Senior Olivia V. and Sophomore Julia Y., recognized in the art competition.  They received a certificate for being in the top 10% of submissions considered for an award - this was out of over 800 submissions from high school and college students! Scroll to see their amazing work!

These are tremendous achievements, and we celebrate Lyn, Olivia, Julia, and ASL Instructor Mrs. Holmberg for their excellence in representing Kennedy Catholic.

Respect Her 
Artwork by Senior Olivia V.

Life Inside A Glass Box 
Artwork by Sophomore Julia Y.

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