• Issue 2

Students (and even faculty!) often leave Search having learned more about themselves, their relationships with others and their spirituality. Leaders of the retreat guide students on a weekend-long journey of discovery and faith, sharing stories and experiences from their own lives. We are very grateful for another amazing Search retreat and continue to pray for those who will experience the transformative weekend in both winter and spring. Please enjoy this interview with former Searcher and student leader, Ryan B.  

What is your favorite part of the Search Retreat? 
My favorite part of Search is simply being in solidarity with my fellow classmates. Regardless of where they are in their faith life, we’re all connected through this experience and that to me is very beautiful. It epitomizes what the Lancer Family is all about. 

How do you feel like you grew as a person during/after the retreat? 
After the retreat, I feel like I grew as a person because I came to a greater understanding of what it truly means to be a part of the Lancer Family. Before Search I thought it was the stereotypical “we are one family” mentality that most high schools try to push, but after my experience I truly understood that being a member of the Lancer Family means more than just being a part of a typical high school experience. I was able to realize this through the support of the faculty and leaders at Search, who constantly pushed me to be a more authentic version of myself. 

What advice would you give to a student who may be on the fence about attending Search? 
If I had to convince someone who was on the fence about Search, I would implore them to take advantage of this opportunity. Search allows everyone to truly understand the Lancer Family, and it encourages people to always live a life of constant service; to never stop searching. 

How will the Search retreat help you in the future? 
Search has helped me realize the meaning of mission. Beforehand, I thought that mission was just a temporary thing; that we’d simply go to some retreat and be enveloped by godly people, then return to our normal lives afterward. Since my time at Search, I’ve realized that mission never ends, and that God calls each one of us to carry his mission of service everywhere in our lives. 

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