• Issue 5

Kennedy Catholic is an outstanding place for student athletes. The coaches in our programs all have the best interest of the athletes in mind when they embark on their seasons. They all want what is best for their players and to work on the goals they have set forth for their teams. Kennedy Catholic athletics offers multiple levels of competition which helps athletes in working toward success. We want Lancer athletes to be great in the classroom, hallways and in the competitive arena.

Having been a coach on the sideline for 31 years has been a huge blessing. I will miss the team building part of that as well as celebrating the big wins and accomplishments. The exciting part of moving to the athletic director side will be the opportunity to see so many other Lancer sports teams compete and get to know the players that make up their rosters. I will also enjoy watching our coaches work to put the best product they can on the field, court, or pool!

I have developed many lifelong friends and colleagues while working here. I have so many great memories from the sideline and will always cherish those. I will always be a coach and am blessed to have done it at this outstanding school. It is my intention to continue building on the tenants of passion, integrity, grit, and service that were established by the coaches years ago. I envision working with coaches to help them achieve their goals and being available for student athletes to help them in any way I can. I also want our athletes to be a class act on and off the field.

The best part about coaching at Kennedy Catholic is the opportunity to build relationships with players and other coaches alike. The wins and losses are a big part of the game but being able to work with such great kids provides the drive to be here. The Lancer Family offers the opportunity to develop new relationships with many wonderful people and I will look forward to that every day.

I am most passionate about my great family; my wife Kim and kids Trevor and Alyssa are a source of tremendous pride for me.

Fast Facts:
Favorite Food: Peretti Spaghetti of course! Or any Angelos entrée!
Years as a coach: 31
Favorite color: Blue sky!
Favorite animal: Labrador Retriever
Favorite movie: So many good ones, can’t say I have a favorite!
Favorite book: John Grisham legal thrillers
Favorite place to travel: Lake Roosevelt
Coffee or tea: Coffee straight up
Secret (or not so secret) talent: I am a better than average bass fisherman!

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