For the past few years, French teachers in the U.S. have hosted a March Madness of French Music called Manie Musicale de Mars. It’s grown so much that now it is truly an international event in French classes around the world. Each year we start off with eight brackets of sixteen francophone singers and students vote until the champion emerges.

Here at Kennedy Catholic, we have our own results and French Teacher Madame Lewis also voted in the international Manie on behalf of our students (each school only gets 1 vote). This year’s singers have come from all over the French-speaking world including Quebec, Algeria, the Congo, Ghana, and, of course, France. Those from France are also touched by their heritage which included influences from Cameroun, Martinique, Togo, Morocco, and Israel.

Each song chosen for this year’s Manie had a positive message as a direct reaction to our current reality of COVID-19. Although in the past Kennedy Catholic students nominated songs for our own Manie, this year’s Manie was put together and shared on social media French teacher groups by two French teachers from Maine.

Thanks to those two teachers, Lancers taking French were introduced to a brief biography of each artist or group and both a Spotify playlist and a YouTube playlist (shown below) were shared for all to enjoy. They are shared here for you to enjoy as well. Students were able to preview each song and make predictions. They earned extra credit points depending on how accurate their predictions were. Students were also able to rank each song and give their opinions in French on everything from the rhythm of the song to the singer’s vocals. The Kennedy Catholic voter turnout was better than ever this year and hopefully, the our French students will incorporate some French music into their personal playlists!

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