• Issue 7

COVID-19 may have canceled Mardi Gras and Carnival celebrations around the world but it didn't stop Lancers from learning about the culturally and historically rich events in Ms. Lewis' French class!

Students in French 4 were challenged to give impromptu speeches with just a little time to rehearse. After a few minutes of research, Lancers gave their "on the spot" presentations about la Fête du Citron the annual "Lemon Festival", in Menton, France, and la Bataille des Fleurs, the annual "Battle of the Flowers" in Nice, France.

Lancers in French 3 learned about le Grand Derangement, "The Great Expulsion" of the Acadians of eastern Canada by the British from 1755 to 1764. Students discovered the "why" behind Carnaval and Mardi Gras that is celebrated in the US. They presented that most of the Acadians traveled south by boat, explaining the French influence along the eastern coast of the US. Their favorite new piece of history was that many of the Acadians eventually settled in Louisiana and are now called "Cajuns."  

French 2 Lancers learned about the Winter Carnaval of Quebec and gained some inspiration for snow activities if we're blessed with another snow-filled weekend this year!

Lancers in French 1 completed a research project on the Mardi Gras and Carnaval traditions around the francophone "french-speaking" world, but instead of presenting in front of the class they put their video-making skills to good use!

Joyeux Carnival!

Video by Camila D. | French 1 Student

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