Lancers came together this February to form the Kennedy Catholic Esports Gaming Club and set out to accomplish the following goals:

  1. To bring Lancers together through video games, learning how to respectfully engage with others and model Lancer behavior in digital environments

  2. Represent the Lancer Community in the Esports Community by engaging with competitive online environments

  3. Teach/learn leadership skills in an online and tech-focused environment and connect passion to career opportunities, by taking advantage of the video game industry located in Seattle

  4. Break down the stereotype barriers of the gaming community. Create space for all who want to play, compete, or connect over gaming

  5. Provide support for time management, balancing video games and homework as well as raise awareness of digital/tech/gaming related mental health issues

Little did they know they would kick off their first year as a club accomplishing so much in so little time. The club came together virtually and shook up the Esports Winter Tournaments brackets, earning themselves a spot in the semifinals for both the League of Legends and Mario Kart games. 

Lancer senior Junn D. and juniors George S., Vy M., Tim H. and Nathan D lead the League of Legends team in a dominating victory against their Lake Stevens High School opponents. Following their lead, freshman Andrew M., Cody M., Kaylani H., and Joe P., showcased their skills and exhibited excellent teamwork securing a 153 - 81 win in Mario Kart over Ilwaco High School. 

Congratulations to all our Lancers who took part and earned a W for Kennedy Catholic - Go Lancers!



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