• Issue 6

Lancers have been a family tradition for decades. This year, we welcome almost two dozen new Lancer students who've been a part of this tradition in spirit, if not in person. Their parents, and often their siblings, were Lancers before them and walked the same halls (theoretically speaking for now!). We're excited to have them as part of our community!

The Bevilacqua Family
James '91 and Thomas '24

"This year I am looking forward to meeting new people and playing some Lancer football!"

The Guthrie-Wright Family
Lisa '87 and Steele '24

"For my freshmen grade year, I am excited to learn new stuff in my honors classes, meet new people and make new friends. I’m also hoping to play high school sports!"

The Farrell-Dunn Family
Jenny '92 and Patrick '24

"I am looking forward to band, meeting new people, the broad range of subjects available, and being a part of the Lancer Family!"

The McCurdy Family
Thomas '96, Henry '21 and Nina '24

"I can't wait for the 3D version of school!"

The Presser Family
Christine '88 and Mia '24

"I am looking forward to meeting new people, making new friendships and hopefully (if possible because of COVID) getting involved in the activities at Kennedy Catholic."

The Flynn Family
Kristine '91, Kaitlyn '22 and Lauren '24

"Lauren is really looking forward to being a part of the Lancer Family! While her freshman year has started out differently than she expected, she remains very positive and excited to be a Lancer! She is looking forward to making many new friends, actively participating in her zoom classes, and being a part of the Kennedy Catholic cheer team! She already feels so welcomed by her teachers, classmates, and her cheer teammates and coaches!"

The Etzkorn Family
Scott '90, Erin '98, Paige '19, Ryan '21 and Lauren '24

Lauren is looking forward to meeting new friends, taking part in school spirit activities, Freshman Retreat and hopefully, getting to attend some sporting events.

The Bentler Family
Kristin ' 93, Annie '21 and Julia '24

Julia is most looking forward to taking part in sports and getting back to in-person school.

The Santos Family
Malu '01 and Jude Patrick '24

"I’m looking forward to meeting new people through Zoom classes and eventually in person."

The Whitman Family
Amy '89, Alex '21 and Jenna '24

"Go Lancers!"

The Friis-Alfers Family
Jeffrey ' 84, Ella '22 and Isaak '24

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people, learning a new language, and becoming a member of the Lancer Family.”

The Nguyen Family
Do '87, Julius '18, Ashley '20 and Brooklyn '24

Brooklyn is excited to meet new friends, experience high school, and join the Lancer Girls Soccer team.

The Mansanarez Family
Michael '92, Teresa '93, Michael '20 and Andrew '24

Andrew is very much looking forward to learning about high school life, getting on campus, and meeting new friends.

The Etzkorn Family
Michael '96, Rockford '20, Abigail '24 and Jacob '24

“I am most looking forward to meeting new people when Covid is over! 😊 Looking forward to (hopefully) going to all of the activities. Excited to walk the halls where my Dad and Uncles went to school. And where both of my grandparents and my mom work.” - Abigail

“I am really excited to meet new people and join in all of the fun activities that Kennedy Catholic has to offer! Also meeting new teachers.” - Jacob


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