• Issue 3

Interest and participation in our 25 interscholastic athletic programs is consistently growing, while the results achieved by our student-athletes in competition and in the classroom continues to reach new heights. With 2020 now firmly in focus, here’s a glimpse at what’s coming down the pipeline:

Another Cycle of North Puget Sound League Competition, With a Twist 
Our most recent go-around with the NPSL – and simultaneously opting up to the 4A classification – has been well-received. Playing some of the biggest schools (population-wise) in the state has provided our programs strong competition from the C-level through junior varsity and up. “I believe that our student-athletes have benefitted from competing in the NPSL,” said Sam Reed, athletic director. “When it comes down to it, playing close, competitive games has provided countless tests and plenty of opportunities to grow as competitors, teammates and people.”

The NPSL will remain intact for the 2020-2024 WIAA Classification Cycle, but now as a 14-team, split classification league. Gone are Hazen (moving to 3A KingCo) and Enumclaw (dropping to 2A SPSL). The remaining schools will stay in the now-familiar Cascade and Olympic divisions but will split in the postseason to head to their respective tournaments.

Partnership with Adidas
In October, athletic director Sam Reed traveled to meet with Adidas executives to review the past contract and plan for the future. Reed shared, “It was satisfying to hear the Adidas team support the work we’ve done these past few years to build a brand. From a marketing standpoint, Adidas shared that they see Lancer Athletics as one of their top partners in the high school market.” What does this mean going forward? It means that our teams will continue to be outfitted in some of the newest Adidas uniforms and that our student-athletes, families and fans can expect to benefit from a partnership that is stronger than ever.

New Decade, New Logo
After more than ten years with the same Lancer logo, our marketing team has helped develop a new look – a related, but stand-alone image that will slowly become the new face of Lancer Athletics. Designed to be a crisp, clean and more streamlined version of the old logo, the new version will begin showing up on uniforms, apparel and more this spring. “I love the new look,” said Reed. “It’s bold, strong and straight to the point – exactly what I envision Lancer Athletics to be.” When combined with a small change to our colors – a slightly darker navy and a richer, more powerful red – this change is sure to be a hit among current and future student-athletes.


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