Why are you so passionate about playing sports here at Kennedy Catholic? 
Avery O'Neil on the Girls Swim and Dive team says “I love having the opportunity to represent the Lancer Family through athletics. Playing sports at Kennedy Catholic has given me a group of hardworking, fantastic teammates, whom I can rely on in and out of the pool. 

How has your team bonded and created community with new athletes despite this not being a “normal” year? 
Senior Sharli O., captain of the Girls Volleyball team, says “Our team has bonded because we all know that these times are hard for everyone, so we have to be kind and make sure everyone is doing well. Our team has great attitudes, and everyone is amazing and friendly, so the sense of community was easily built the first day of practice."  

Has time management changed for you in any way with balancing school and sports?  
Varsity Girls Golf player Gabby Lopez states, “The skill of time management for me has improved greatly this past year balancing seven classes and playing for Kennedy Catholic's Varsity Girls Golf this spring. I have learned to set up my weeks every Sunday to manage everything on my Canvas Dashboard while also fitting in the room for self-care.” 

What important life lessons have you learned at Kennedy Catholic, especially through the Athletics Program? 
Senior Football Captain Thomas Tran explains, “An important life lesson that we have learned through the year of COVID-19 is to not take anything for granted. Throughout the year, we came to practice day in and day out never knowing when/if we would have a season. Now that it’s here, it is important that we appreciate the time we have together and give respect to the game we love!”

Throughout Quarantine how were you able to stay disciplined in your sport? 
Melissa Rivera says, “Throughout quarantine I have been able to stay disciplined to practicing for my sport of cheer by thinking of being an example for my younger teammates. As one of the oldest members on the team and having previous experience I have been dedicated to working harder to show that it can be fun to cheer and do other stuff but to do my best. I was also able to stretch a lot and work on my technique!” 

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