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Looking back at my time at Kennedy Catholic, whether it was organized school activities, sporting events, or just casually outside of school; I had close ties and relationships across the board. I feel like we traveled together well as a school. I was involved in sports, drama, intramurals, Search, and just had good times with my friends. One thing I really valued is how close our entire class was, and school was.

When I think of Kennedy Catholic, what comes to mind for me is family and community. I have friendships that resemble family ties. The network of people that come from being a Lancer is remarkable and grows each year. It is amazing to stay in touch, watch the successes of the community, and see them support one another.

After high school, my goal was to become wealthy and retire young. What changed was reality. Early on, I wanted to continue down the path soccer could take me and become a history teacher. Throughout college, I continued to choose classes with the goal of achieving a master’s in teaching. As time and transition took place, I landed a job in technology sales. I found I really enjoyed the dynamic of the day to day activities and, along with that, came success. Long story short, I never looked back.

My goals continue to evolve professionally and personally. Ideally, I will be at the C-Level at some point. (With an option to still retire relatively young). But at the end of the day, my most important goals and desires, those are centered around my family and little ones. Most importantly, I want to foster an environment of strength, compassion, acceptance, education, hard work, and love to my little ones and those around me. I want to help guide them and shape them into people that others desire to be around. My biggest goal: watching my kids grow into leaders by example and thought.

I am motivated every day by my family; my partner and better half Lisa Theofelis and my amazing blessings of my six-year-old son Bryant Theofelis and four-year-old daughter Olivia Theofelis. My wife and I will be celebrating nine years of marriage in August. We lay roots in Des Moines and our oldest is at St. Francis and he will soon be joined by his little sister. My family keeps me humble, thriving to do a little better each day than the day before, and provides joy in my every moment.

My path after Kennedy Catholic has been one of growth, overcoming adversity, successes, and learning. I have a thirst for excellence and a competitiveness that at times might even be a bit overboard. Finding motivation has never been something I struggled with. I like to win!! You can always find a way to keep score in anything you do.

At the end of the day, I am thankful for the love and support by those who surround me. I truly believe the foundation for the blessings I have, goes back to my time as a Lancer. I am excited and honored to begin this new role as the Varsity girls soccer coach.

John Theofelis ’04 Fast Facts
Favorite Food: I eat almost anything. If I had to pick in this moment, a really good Fried Chicken Sandwich with French fries. (Not fast food a real Fried Chicken Sandwich) I think I have just been craving one.
Years as a coach: Going on 15 years
Favorite color: Some sort of blue, I guess. Bright colors.
Favorite animal: Penguin
Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting
Favorite book: Recently Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant or Seal Team 6 by Howard Wasdin and Stephen Templin
Favorite place to travel: Family Vacations pretty much anywhere. Most recently Puerto Vallarta
Coffee or tea: Coffee for sure
Secret (or not so secret) talent: Jeopardy (At least I like to think I am good at it) and Board games.

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