• Issue 2

A natural leader, she was drawn toward guiding others, a tendency reflected in her experience as a student. Jamie’s focus and dedication has led her on a path that wasn’t always what she expected, but one that has brought her joy and a sense of accomplishment.

Going into college at Central Washington University, Jamie saw herself following in the footsteps of some of her Kennedy Catholic mentors and looking into a career as a teacher. As she went forward with her classes, she opted for a different path, working with another segment of the community: senior citizens. While her focus for helping her community shifted from kids to senior citizens, her motivations and goals stayed steady, pushing her to find new opportunities to connect and engage.

With her degree in Family and Consumer Sciences in hand, Jamie made the move to Arizona. Working as the Social Services Coordinator for one of the largest retirement communities in Arizona, Jamie strives to bring a little brightness to the lives of the residents each and every day. While she’s giving to those around her, Jamie is filled with the joy of being someone her residents can speak to, someone who they can tell their stories to, and she is constantly learning from them.

Much like the community and family atmosphere she maintains in her job, Jamie remembers the friendships and leadership opportunities she developed as a student at Kennedy Catholic (then John F. Kennedy Memorial High School). Through retreats, volleyball, and band, she learned teamwork and developed leadership skills. A drum major her senior year, she was extensively involved in guiding her bandmates, and had a strong mentor for herself in former band director Mr. Jim Paynton. He not only taught her how to keep the band moving forward smoothly, but also instilled an appreciation for all forms of music.

Now, Jamie has her own role to play each day in keeping her community running smoothly and lending a hand wherever needed. Her residents keep her looking forward to work each day, but when she’s not in the office, Arizona offers plenty of opportunities to explore. An avid reader, a dedicated dog parent, and lover of the outdoors, Jamie is sure to take advantage of any chance to be outside camping, hiking, and soaking up the warm weather sunshine days.

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