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He was joined by Tim Crawley ’73 and Sam Crawley ’11, who carried up the gifts and Kate McGovern ’92, who gave the reflection. Mass was followed by a reception in the Dillman Center.

President Mike Prato opened the mass with a welcome message.
“In the spring of 2004, I returned home to greet my new family, the Lancer family. And for the next 15 years, every graduating class, faculty and staff member has made me who I am today; a Lancer for Life. So today, I welcome home all of our alumni, parents of our past and present, along with our current students and future alumni, to celebrate the sacrifice of the Mass; to pursue together the graces that will accompany us to our eternal home with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

In Kate’s reflection she spoke of her experience as a Lancer.
“I was here on campus about two weeks ago for curriculum night and I felt the energy I remember from my time as a Lancer. I also noticed the faculty’s theme this year is from 1 Corinthians Chapter 13. This chapter holds a special place in my heart and is one I have gone back to time and time again for reflection in my own life. One part of the chapter reads: Love never gives up; and its faith, hope and patience never fail. I remember these qualities in my teachers when I was here. Former classmates of mine are teachers here as well as two of my former teachers. It is clear not only do they love being teachers, they love being part of the Lancer Family. Their faith in all of us and of course at times their patience for us, gives us hope for our future and reminds us just how much we all are part of the Lancer Family and how much we are loved. I am thankful for this place as it helped me to become the person I am today and made me forever part of the Lancer Family.”

Mass was followed by the Hall of Fame on Friday with a celebration of our Lancer athletic tradition. Our newest class of honorees were inducted into our athletic Hall of Fame with a ceremonial reception in honor of Dino Josie '82 and Doug Stamnes. Teacher, Coach, Mentor, Friend. They led the boys and girls soccer and fastpitch teams to a combined 1123 wins. More importantly, both embody what it means to be a lifelong Lancer. We honored their passion, integrity, grit, service and dedicated commitment to our students and athletes over the years.

The final event of a week full of activity was the Homecoming football game at Highline Stadium where the Lancers were victorious against Tahoma with a final score of 48-0. Go Lancers!

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