• Issue 7

Olivia F., a current senior at Kennedy Catholic, was looking for ways to help serve her community and fulfill her Integrated Service Learning Experience (ISLE) volunteer hours in the midst of a global pandemic that made in-person volunteering impossible. Her solution? Olivia started her own business to help meet the needs of her community! She continues to build her business and project as a part of her Honors Social Justice service requirement. 

What's your business and when did you start it?
Liv’s Homemadelux and I started it at the beginning of August 2020.

How did Liv's Homemadelux come to be?
In quarantine, I caught myself complaining about being bored, and started thinking of how others were in stressful situations. Recognizing my privilege, I wanted to put my time to better use by finding ways to help others. So many people in our community have lost jobs during the pandemic and are just trying to make ends meet. Food is often taken for granted. Not everyone gets regular meals, so I wanted to focus on creating an organization that centers itself around feeding people.  

What do products do you sell and why?
At Liv's Homemadelux, we make and sell tie-dyed shirts and homemade cookies! Someone complimented me on a tie-dyed shirt I made, and it got me thinking that maybe people might want to buy them. I also just love to make tie-dyed shirts and tank tops so it felt like a good fit. My mom is a baker, and we do a lot of baking, so cookies also just felt right!



How does Liv's Homemadlux serve the community?
I researched about what struggles people were facing and ways that I could make an impact in my local community. I decided to focus on combating food scarcity by fundraising for Feeding America. I want to bring awareness of hunger in our community, especially during the pandemic, and help other teens learn more about it.

How much have you raised so far?
We are working our way towards $200 - it is in the early stages!  80% goes toward Feeding America and 20% for supplies and products. 

What are your hopes for your efforts? 
I don’t really have a goal monetarily, but I want to learn more and share information on Feeding America. I am making new t-shirts and cookies right now, but I had to take a pause when school started back up. 

How can people find your business?  
Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/livs.homemadelux/  and people can send their orders to my email livshomemadelux@gmail.com.  

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