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At Kennedy Catholic, we are committed to developing our students in mind, body, and spirit. It is our goal to set the standard for physical fitness education and athletics. A state-of-the-art space will help ensure a robust athletic program that complements the academic programs, reflects technological and medical advancements, and helps our students develop lifelong discipline, leadership skills, and healthy habits.

Physical education puts students into positions requiring teamwork, cooperation and leadership. High school students benefit from increased peer relationships as they work together during an activity or game. Students interact with each other in ways that are not usually possible in a regular classroom.

The risk of chronic disease later in life is decreased with physical activity. Studies show students who participate in a gym or physical education class have increased learning and are more alert in the classroom. In addition, immune function increases and stress levels decrease after physical activity.

“The fitness center has the potential to unlock a new level of excellence within our athletic and physical education department,” shared Sam Reed, athletic director. “The size and versatility of the space will rival that of larger college facilities, giving our student-athletes access to a space designed to better them both physically and mentally.”

Our strategic Plan, Verso L’alto, calls for fostering a championship athletic culture and the student-athlete model for success and sustainability. It is in providing high-impact experiences and opportunities that promote personal growth, leadership and teamwork.

Education-based athletics continues to grow, develop and change. The fitness center expansion will offer students access to programming and equipment not previously available and give them the opportunity to train under the supervision of our teaching and coaching staff committed to developing not only their physical growth, but also their mental and spiritual growth. This space will go far beyond the stereotypical high school “weight room” and will benefit everyone. A combination of strength-building and cardio options will provide variety. Equally important is staff wellness. Besides health benefits, wellness programs can have a positive effect on morale, and teacher effectiveness.

We are dedicated to maximizing and leveraging the use of our existing footprint, making our spaces as innovative and flexible as possible. This new space will be a signature part of our campus, setting us apart from our competition. Attracting future students to our campus and maintaining strong admissions is instrumental to our future sustainability. Innovation is essential to ensure students develop 21st century workplace skills and to guarantee a lasting impact on every graduating senior. Successful construction and completion of the project will ensure our facilities align with the ever-increasing demand for transformative curriculum.

Machines will be positioned so users will be able to look out over the main court, over a newly constructed 5’ tall wall. The wall will include electrical outlets and incorporate storage cubbies on each end so users can store belongings as they enter.

Current full rack systems and free weights (all purchased in the past 18 months) will be complemented by the purchase of select machines designed to put entire teams and PE classes through complete strength-building workouts in an efficient and timely way.The back wall will be lined with mirrors to maximize light and allow for users to see their form and function and provide strong sight lines for maximum safety.

The center of the fitness center will feature a large patch of competition level artificial turf, suitable for a variety of speed and explosion exercises (pushing sleds, pulling chutes, cone work, etc). This area will also be important for rehab work under the supervision of our athletic trainer.

The rest of the fitness center will feature supportive rubber flooring that will help provide a flexible, durable surface that is slip and impact resistant.

It is the goal to begin construction of the fitness center in June of 2020. If you are interested in learning more or would like to inquire about how to support this project, please contact Sarah Dahleen at 206.957.9718.

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