• Issue 4

What would you like to tell people about Kennedy Catholic?
Our school is an incredible community with a rich and diverse history. Providing a high-quality Catholic education in south Seattle area has served and impacted the lives of thousands who are now helping to bring the goodness of God into the world. I have generational family connections here and my previous six-year tenure as chaplain from 2011-2017 provides me with a hopeful insight in the mission of our school in the years to come.

What are you most excited for in the new chapter at Kennedy Catholic?
I look forward to finding new ways in which we can adapt and grow to best serve the mission of a Catholic High School in south Seattle. I know the incredible students, staff, families and alumni that desire to see our school thrive and I am committed to helping to discern, build bridges and clearly communicate our next steps together.

What has been your favorite part about working at Kennedy Catholic so far?
The same as when I was chaplain I suppose. Seeing the joy and gifts of the students engaged in learning and activities, deeply appreciating the professional and committed role of our teachers and staff in serving our students, and seeing the resiliency of all in the face of obstacles to strive to do God’s will and find new ways to be a school community together.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Trying to have enough time and energy to listen and accompany all in our community. Oh, while also having a parish and vocation director role to oversee as well at the same time…

What do you find most rewarding about your calling?
Accompanying people in their spiritual life through sacraments, preaching, teaching, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, leadership and seeing where the Holy Spirit is at work already every day!

What are you most passionate about?
Love. Loving the Risen Christ and serving the people of God as a priest. And biking…lots of biking…

Fr. Bryan Fast Facts:
Favorite Food: Thai or Indian
Years as a priest: 14
Favorite color: Burnt Orange
Favorite animal: Ducks (really, because they can do everything; fly, swim, walk)
Favorite movie: Darjeeling Limited (or anything by Wes Anderson really…)
Favorite book: A Year of Wonder by Geraldine Brooks or Ulysses by James Joyce
Favorite place to travel: The Four Corners area of the Southwest U.S.A.
Coffee or tea: Coffee with a little milk
Secret (or not so secret) talent: Better than average Table Tennis player and Karaoke singer

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