• Issue 7

We’re all looking for a new project, a new way to express ourselves, or even just a new way to help time pass after being home quarantining or restricting our activities for almost a year. Danny Ma, a graduate of Kennedy Catholic’s class of 2016, used his leadership, creativity, and hands on experience to do just that. With a team of fellow engineering graduate students at University of California, Berkeley, he is creating a path for future engineers to grow their passions and connect communities.

Danny’s willingness to take on new projects has always been a part of him. Running for ASB treasurer at Kennedy Catholic, he put his creativity to work, and campaigned with the clever twist “Danny for MAney”. Danny also belonged to a variety of clubs and student groups including symphonic band, drama, and cross-country. At Kennedy Catholic, he was always busy trying something new.

Going into college, it didn’t take long before Danny’s creative energy led him to major in mechanical engineering, specializing in the study of wind energy. Danny journeyed to Peru, where he built and maintained 15 wind turbines for a rural community as part of his work with a non-profit organization. He was involved with the process step by step, from the wind turbine fabrication process to installation. This once-in-a-lifetime experience was an example to him that anyone can make a difference in pushing change forward, just like his biggest inspiration, Greta Thunberg, who at only 18 has a phenomenal influence on climate change issues.

Now a graduate student at UC Berkeley, Danny and his teammates (Carrie Hsueh, Lance Miranda, Shae Alhusayni, Jing Song Huang, and Aaron Su) have created a new project called 3DShare, which will provide a way for private 3D printers to be shared within a community. One major benefit of this program is making sure high school students have an option to explore their design and engineering passions at an early age. Often, hands-on technology is only available in college or graduate programs; however, Danny’s team seeks to achieve an immediate way for resources to be shared within communities, giving neighbors a way to help each other to pursue their passions.

Before this project can really get off the ground, Danny’s team needs your help! To learn more about the project and help the group move forward, fill out the survey below to provide feedback:


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