With the outbreak of the Coronavirus last March, turning to virtual learning was the best option for all. It provided a safe way for students to keep up with their studies and not miss out on crucial learning opportunities. Although this was an inherently good option, it proved how much the high school experience feeds off social interaction. Computer screens began to feel like walls between other classmates and teachers. Students began to feel unconnected. How ironic, right? 
However, a new year means a new ASB team. This year our seven ASB Executives and twelve Class Executives came up with a brand-new way for students to gain back that social aspect so many lost. On Wednesdays, Community Building Days provided this opportunity. Students had the option to attend this event either in person or virtually. Each day was carefully planned by the Class Executives and correlated to each graduating class. COVID-19 protocols were carefully monitored and executed to ensure student safety. 

ASB President, Senior Lancer Sosna A. says "Community building days are beneficial in our school because it brings grades together. It’s especially crucial to interact with others amid this pandemic and community days provide that. It’s not every day that students are allowed to see their friends and peers from other cohorts. It brings the community together and allows students to have fun with their peers and build community within each grade."

The work and effort we have all put in so far have made for some really special moments in a time when hope and connections were needed more than ever! Go Lancers! 

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