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What do you remember about your first few days as a Lancer?
My first few days as a Lancer, were pretty awesome! Being in school with four of my cousins was a really cool experience which made us all closer. I took the school bus for the first time, and oh man do I remember falling in love with the cafeteria cookies!

In what way did the faculty, staff members or a coach make you feel welcome?
I felt welcomed because my teachers and coaches made me feel like I was enough when I walked through the door. Encouragement was always front of mind and I know I was being guided to a stronger version of myself through their coaching both in the classroom and on the field.

Was there a specific teacher who helped you learn something that impacted your future and what was it you learned?
Mr. McMillen was my teacher for three years and really pushed me to think outside the box and to try without fear of failure. I use these skills every day as I am pushing myself to live outside my comfort zone and I am extremely grateful he instilled these values in me.

What three words would you use to describe Kennedy Catholic?
Community, Challenge, Charity.

What does it mean to you to be a Lancer?
To me, being a Lancer is always being invited home with welcoming arms. I can attend a sporting event or an all school mass even if I don’t know a single student; I can hang out with friends I met at school or have a coffee with a teacher, and I know I am welcomed. Kennedy Catholic has played an important role in my life as I have gone to school with four of my cousins, almost all my aunts and uncles attended, and my parents met here so the school really is a part of my family.

When trying to encourage others to give, what would you say to them?
I used to be intimidated when it came to giving - thinking I needed to give a large check. But then I was taught there is no gift too small. You may not be in a place in your life where a large donation is possible but donating the money you would have spent on a few morning coffees to help a fellow Lancer is something you can definitely take on.

In what way did your experience at Kennedy Catholic impact your current career?
High school was the time I started exploring who I wanted to be. Did I know I was going to graduate college as an Engineer? No. But I was learning who I wanted to be and who I wanted my community to see me as. Kennedy Catholic gave me the opportunity to try new things, learn hard lessons, be uncomfortable in front of crowds, power through, and all the while growing to be a stronger person. I use all these skills in my career today and without having been able to practice them during such a formative time in my life, I would not be pursuing the career I am today. Will I be an engineer forever? Maybe, but the awesome thing about the skills I learned, they transfer anywhere so I get to choose who I want to be.

What motivated you to support the annual fund for the first time?
Being a present member of my community is a passion of mine. Someday I hope to give back in areas such as volunteering or tutoring, so while I cannot physically be there, I am excited my contributions can still help students excel.

In what way did your experience at Kennedy Catholic impact your philanthropic support?
Kennedy Catholic always has faith at its core and I learned that philanthropic support is more than just time and money, it’s bringing to the table a little something more. It is often so easy to make giving about the giver, and we forget the real objective is not about us, but rather who we are serving. Sometimes it takes a single person being driven by faith to add that special spark to the giving community.

What do you value most about your time as a Lancer?
I value the relationships I made and grew during my time as a Lancer. It is crazy to think I met my now Maid of Honor when we were in high school - Wow! Those friendships last a lifetime. Even more, I will never stop Searching because I learned at Search how loved I truly am, and those relationships are worth more than my words can say.

Why did you agree to help with this?
Firstly, thank you for asking me to be a part of the Communi-k. I agreed to help because it is easy to get caught up in the every day that is life, and I found comfort in remembering the reasons why I love Kennedy Catholic. When it comes to giving, my part is small. I hope my short story encourages others to give as well and together our small gifts can make a big difference.

Bailee DePhelps ’12 is an Account Executive for Siemens based in the Puget Sound Area. She prides herself on creating an outstanding customer experience and spent the early part of her career in the commercial real estate market. Bailee pushes the boundaries in an ever-evolving technology landscape. She graduated from Washington State University with a BS in mechanical engineering and a minor in Spanish.

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