• Issue 5

Tasked with teaching Intro to Clay and Sculpture remotely, Mrs. Hines started the attitude of gratitude project and guided Lancers to create beauty by building relationships in the greater community.

The attitude of gratitude project challenged students to create a card thanking an essential worker in their community and then take a photo of them presenting it while practicing safe social distancing.

Freshman Rene’ V. gave his card to his mom, a nurse practitioner, to share with her colleagues who have all been working on the frontline of COVID-19. When asked about his project Rene’ said “I gave it to my mom because I believe she is hard-working and determined to make a difference. My card was based on a wave theme because all waves recover, even in storms like COVID-19. The theme gives a sense of hope for those suffering from the virus. I am grateful for people like my mom who work on the front lines to help those in need.”

Freshman Lancer Ethan R. showed his attitude of gratitude by sharing his card with the local fire department. Ethan shared that he chose “the fire department because my dad works there and he and his colleagues work very hard every day to help people in need. Especially those suffering from the coronavirus.”

Freshman Chloe B. gave her card to her local waste management worker because she feels “their job is very challenging on its own. During this pandemic many people are out of work or worried to go to work because they are at high risk or fear getting sick. I find it very important that we are thankful for those who are continuing to work even with recent events, especially waste management workers. When creating my card I wanted it to be very clear that we are thankful for them and what they are doing for the community.”

Freshman Dylan F. passed along a message of hope in his card to local medical workers by saying “thank you all for your dedication and compassion for patient care.”

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