• Issue 3

Every year our admissions team puts in countless hours during the fall to ensure all prospective students feel the spirit of the Lancer Family before entering school on their first day of freshman year.  

One of the special and unique steps in the admissions process are Lancer Visit Days. This year we hosted 19 visit days with over 380 future Lancers attending. On these visit days, eighth graders experience life as a Lancer for one day, following a current student around to each class. The admissions team works hard to match prospective students with a current student ambassador based on interests; uniquely tailoring each visit. After the day is complete, the admissions team receives feedback, offering future students a chance to express their love for art class, excitement to enter robotics or share the best part of their day.  

We couldn't hold visit days without the help of our outstanding Lancer student admissions ambassadors. These current students share their personal experience by volunteering their time and sharing what makes the Lancer Family so unique. Each visit is extra special because of these one-of-a-kind ambassadors. 

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