• Issue 5

With a worldwide pandemic, this year would be different. While senior Lancer students were unable to gather in their tuxes and gowns to dance the night away, every extra effort was made to try to ensure this day was still special, even if in a small way.

40+ faculty and staff made personal deliveries to each and every senior with a special gift – a personalized box filled with a t-shirt, frame, key chain and other small items. We know this couldn’t and didn't replace the prom experience, but we hope it made the day just a bit more fun.

Although this is never what anyone imagined senior prom day would be like, hopefully now it's special for a whole other reason. As we worked to brainstorm alternative ways to celebrate – this was one of the unique and creative ideas our graduation team came up with.

This has been a heartbreaking end to the year. There has not only been the loss of the human connection and the feedback seniors get from teachers and peers during senior year activities including the experiences, but it is the loss of the memories because they won’t have them. We wanted to create a positive memory.

While we understand the pandemic has taken away much, we also hope it creates new opportunities and resiliency. This Class of 2020 has so much to be proud of and to celebrate. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the future.

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