• Issue 1

In the age of social media and web, we needed an update. We think this new design with social and web friendly content delivers a vibrant and engaging publication — and we hope you agree.

The publication will now be produced every other month (October, December, February, April and June) and will include visuals — photo spreads and videos — and longer news stories in a blog post style format. We’ve kept the blogs from our president, principal and athletic director and added social media. The publication is still all about telling the stories of Kennedy Catholic alumni, students and faculty and celebrating their impact on their community — and the world.

Many of you access the Communi-k from your mobile devices, so we think you’ll be delighted to see it still delivers a clean and simple online reading experience. It’s mobile-friendly and contemporary and allows us to easily share stories on social media.

Several of the stories in this issue have a similar theme. The connections made at Kennedy Catholic between fellow classmates and faculty, continue to have an impact, fostering lifelong friendships and relationships. We hope the Communi-k helps you stay connected to us and the Lancer Family.

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