Advisory Board

The Kennedy Catholic High School Advisory Board is comprised of representatives of the Lancer community who provide non-binding strategic advice or assistance to the school. The Advisory Board is composed of accomplished experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives to the school. The Board may sometimes include individuals outside of the community who have specific expertise that will benefit the school.

Responsibilities of the Board include: to provide strategic direction, to guide quality improvement, and to assess program effectiveness. It also includes support for development efforts to finance the school and to promote and serve as an active and positive advocate for the school in the community at large.

The Advisory Board has several sub-committees including but not limited to:

  • Governance
  • Academics
  • Finance

Each board member will attend and actively participate on at least one board committee and serve as a committee chair when needed.

Current Advisory Board Members

Susie Lafranchi Bauer ‘82 - Parent 2015 & 2012
Nancy Bradish - Principal, Kennedy Catholic High School - Parent 2020
Rommel T. Buenafe, CPA - Director of Finance, Kennedy Catholic High School - Parent 2016 & 2021
Sarah Dahleen - Director of Advancement, Kennedy Catholic - Parent 2019
Kimberly Felix - President, BSHARP - Parent 2016 & 2019
Kim Ahlf and Myra Anderson - Parent Club Co-Presidents
Rob Mcallister - Booster Cub President
Mike Prato - President, Kennedy Catholic High School - Parent 2007, 2009, 2020 & 2021
Karen Tarabochia - Parent 1989, 1995, Grandparent 2017
Barbara Wolff - Parent 2019
Bruce Wolff (Chair) - Parent 2019
Jennifer Zubeck - Parent 2017, 2019
Peggy Cunningham - Executive Assistant - Parent 2010 & 2012