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The Endowment Fund at Kennedy Catholic High School is a permanently invested pool of money that produces sustained annual income to support critical financial aid for students, faculty and staff enrichment, and other school programs. The corpus of the fund is invested with guidance of the Finance Committee of the school’s Advisory Board.

A key component to the future of Kennedy Catholic is financial stability. This requires not only good stewardship of our annual resources, but to develop a strong endowment fund that will support us over time. Endowment is invested donations that keep the principal intact and use assets from the returns to supplement the operating income of the school.

The Endowment for Kennedy Catholic High School was chartered in 1980 to ensure that Kennedy Catholic remains accessible, student-centered and focused on providing the necessary support for all students to succeed. A strong endowment provides the school with the opportunity to grow and innovate in the future. One of our top priorities is to increase the endowment to ensure our economic vitality.

In addition, Endowed Scholarship funds can be established with a gift of $25,000 or more and proceeds will be distributed one year after the corpus is fully funded at the minimum level of $25,000. An exception is made if the donor wants the scholarship to be activated sooner and elects to make a separate gift equivalent to the desired award, which is then distributed to a qualifying recipient for the semester immediately following the donor’s contribution. In the meantime, the endowed corpus is accumulating earnings.

Naming and parameters of the endowed scholarship happens with the donor in consultation with the Advancement Office. The selection of the scholarship recipients is made by the Advancement Office and is based on the criteria established by the donor.

Endowment gifts are invested with the pool, keeping the principal intact and distributing a portion of the returns to provide scholarships and tuition assistance to benefit deserving students, oftentimes based on direct feedback from the donor family. Donors may continue to contribute to an endowed scholarship over time increasing the impact of the scholarship on the Kennedy Catholic student body for the long-term.

John F. Kennedy Catholic High School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Tax ID #91-0815228.
Your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.