Student Life

Kennedy Catholic offers a wide variety of clubs and activities to fit our student interests. In addition to an excellent academic program, students can participate in clubs, sports, service projects, performing arts and/or student government. We believe that a balance of a strong faith life, excellent academics and well organized activities provide a positive, well-rounded high school experience.

Clubs and activities are a part of a student’s total educational experience. They create a special environment in which students can develop a sense of loyalty and dedication to themselves, their family and their friends. As a part of the total educational process, clubs and activities are an integral factor in the overall curriculum. Involvement builds social, mental, moral and spiritual values. It is in the pursuit of these values that our teacher mentors hope to be of assistance.

More than eighty percent of our students participate in co-curricular activities outside the classroom.

The information provided on our website will help you to explore the many options available to you.