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Wednesday, October 16 is national testing day. Here are a few reminders:

Seniors are not required to be here on Wednesday, October 16, but you are encouraged to work on college applications. Mr. Vinson, Mr. Jones and Mrs. Soto will be available from 9-11:30 in Mr. Vinson's classroom (A023) to offer college application help.

International students in ESL are to meet at 8 am by the main office. International seniors are to meet at 8:30 am in the Dillman center.

Students in Gr. 9-11 will take the PSAT. School begins at 8 am and dismisses at 11:30 am. Check with your English teacher if you don't know your assigned classroom for testing.

Ms. Soto will be leading a short mindfulness activity to calm any pre-testing nerves at 7:45amin the library.

Bring the following materials:

a.At least 2 number 2 pencils with an eraser

b.A calculator if possible (calculators are not provided)

c.A snack and water (if needed)

d.A book to read if you finish early

The cafeteria will be open before school.It will not be open once testing begins.

Be in dress code.

Get a good night's rest and be on time.

Thank you from the Counseling Department.

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School Information

Responding to Emergencies

Responding to Emergencies

To report an emergency, first call 911, then report it to our main office at 206-246-0500.

Please check our website for Emergency Alert notices.

The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority. The information below will assist parents and families in the event of an emergency. For your own safety and the safety of your child, please do not come to the school to retrieve students unless notified.

Making a decision about weather-related school closures is always difficult. We make these decisions with careful consideration.


In the event of an emergency such as a snowstorm, windstorm, earthquake, threat to campus or other events, Kennedy Catholic may change school start or dismissal times for student safety, or implement safety procedures.

We will communicate emergency information with parents through:

  • REMIND 101 alerts and email notifications. Please sign up for REMIND 101 by texting @hafd8a to 81010.
  • Automated email.
  • Announcements on the school website.
  • Announcements on social media. Please follow us on Facebook.
  • Announcements on TV and radio. Available on AM radio stations, KIRO, KING & KOMO TV

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Lancer Spirit Gear

Cafeteria Hot Lunch Programs


PayPAMS is an on-line cafeteria account management system. On-line student cafeteria accounts include: credit card processing, real-time account balance view, the ability to review purchases made from the cafeteria and the option to set automatic replenishment of the account when a minimum balance is reached. Please review the information sheet for more details about the program.

Signing up is easy! Go to www.paypams.com to set up an account.

  • Select: Kennedy Catholic High School Location: Burien
  • Enter Student First Name and Last Name:

NOTE: Enter the complete legal name - nick names or abbreviations are not recognized by the system. If your child has two first names that are commonly and legally used, enter them both. Do not enter any suffixes such as Junior or Jr. in the last name.


Jennifer S. Taylor, enter Jennifer as the First Name and Taylor for the Last name

Robert Benjamin T. Smith Jr., enter Robert Benjamin for the first name and Smith for the Last Name.

  • Enter Student Birthdate: Enter as MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Example: March 15, 2015 should be entered as 03/15/2015.

Your student will be assigned a pin number to use when checking out in the cafeteria. Returning students will continue to use their current pin number. New students will be assigned a pin number. New students may get their pin number in the cafeteria.

For questions about the cafeteria, please contact the cafeteria directly at 206.246.8900 or email at jfk@cfm-inc.com. For PayPAMS technical support, please visit PayPAMS.com and click "help" to navigate to PayPAMS help center.


Our declining balance, pre-payment program takes the hassle out of paying for your lunches, and makes it simple to keep tabs on your lunch expenditures. With this service, you’ll never have to worry about carrying cash to school or having to make lunch again. And, since your balance information is always current and available for you to review at any time, you’ll always know just how much you have to spend for lunch.

Say good-bye to those last-minute scrambles for lunch money and enroll in the E-DINE pre-paid lunch program today. It’s convenient, easy to use, secure and fast!


  1. Download the form
  2. Make your check payable to Aviands, Inc.
  3. Return this form to the school or mail it to the following address:

Kennedy Catholic High School
Attn: Food Service Manager
140 S. 140th St
Burien, WA 98168

Communication and Social Media

Kennedy Catholic faculty, staff, coaches, and volunteers follow the Archdiocesan policies on communicating with minors.

Social Media: Kennedy Catholic High School supports the use of social media in communicating, engaging, connecting and sharing information with the Lancer community. ‘Social Media’ is defined as media designed to communicate online through social interaction using highly accessible public publishing forums such as, but not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, message boards and other social platforms. Any social media account considered a public account representing the interests of Kennedy Catholic High School is the property of Kennedy Catholic High School. Permission to start such a site must be obtained from the Development Office. Staff are prohibited from ‘friending’, accepting a ‘friend request’ from a student, or ‘following’ a student on a personal social media page.

As an organization with a commitment to excellence in education and the safety of our students, as well as the preservation of our outstanding reputation as a school, the standards for appropriate online communication at Kennedy Catholic High School are high. While we respect the right of students, employees, alumni, and other members of our community to utilize the variety of private social media options available, faculty and students are expected to follow the same behavioral standards online as mandated by current school and archdiocesan policies.

Code of Conduct: All posts and comments should be marked by Christian charity and respect for the truth. They should be on topic and presume the good will of other posters. Discussion should take place primarily from a faith perspective. (From Social Media – Principles, Policies and Guidelines for Parishes, Schools and Programs of the Archdiocese of Seattle)

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Student Dress Code

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Bell Schedule

Blue PD - 2 Hour Late Start

Faculty Mtg/PD7:4510:00
A Lunch12:1512:4025
Sixth B12:201:2060
B Lunch1:201:4525
Sixth A12:401:4060

White (1, 3, 4, 5, 7)

First 8:00 9:10 70
HR/Third 9:15 10:30 75
Ext Passing 10:30 10:40 10
Fourth 10:40 11:50 70
A Lunch 11:50 12:15 25
Fifth B 11:55 1:05 70
B Lunch 1:05 1:30 25
Fifth A 12:20 1:30 70
Seventh 1:35 2:45 70

Blue Faculty (2, 3, 6, 7)

Faculty Meeting 7:45 9:10 80
HR/Second 9:15 10:25 75
Ext Passing 10:25 10:35 10
HR Third 10:35 11:50 75
A Lunch 11:50 12:15 25
Sixth B 11:55 1:05 70
B Lunch 1:05 1:30 25
Sixth A 12:20 1:30 70
Seventh 1:35 2:45 70

Community Period

First 8:00 8:45 45
Second 8:50 9:35 45
Ext Pass 9:35 9:45 10
Third 9:45 10:30 45
Fourth 10:35 11:20 45
A Lunch 11:20 11:45 25
Fifth B 11:25 12:10 45
B Lunch 12:10 12:35 25
Fifth A 11:50 12:35 45
Sixth 12:40 1:25 45
Seventh 2:00 2:45 45


First 8:00 8:45 45
Second 8:50 9:35 45
Ext Passing 9:35 9:45 10
Third 9:45 10:30 45
Fourth 10:35 11:20 45
A Lunch 11:20 11:45 25
Fifth B 11:25 12:10 45
B Lunch 12:10 12:35 25
Fifth A 11:45 12:30 45
Sixth 12:35 1:20 45
Seventh 1:25 2:10 45
Pep Assembly 2:15 2:45 30

Red (1, 2, 4, 5, 6)

First 8:00 9:10 70
HR/Second 9:15 10:30 75
Ext Passing 10:30 10:40 10
Fourth 10:40 11:50 70
A Lunch 11:50 12:15 25
Fifth B 11:55 1:05 70
B Lunch 1:05 1:30 25
Fifth A 12:20 1:30 70
Sixth 1:35 2:45 70

Blue Mass (2, 3, 6, 7)

Second 8:00 9:10 70
Third 9:15 10:25 70
Mass 10:30 11:40 70
Ext Pass 11:40 11:50 10
A Lunch 11:50 12:15 25
Sixth B 11:55 1:05 70
B Lunch 1:05 1:30 25
Sixth A 12:20 1:30 70
Seventh 1:35 2:45 70

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