How To Apply & Scholarship Information

Complete our Online Admissions Application and submit the $250 application fee. When entering Student Personal Information, please indicate: International Student. Then, please complete the supplemental forms. Please refer to the admissions check-list and submit the following items through the online application portal. 


*English Proficiency and Placement Exam

Kennedy Catholic High School requires prospective international students to submit an English proficiency exam score to be considered for admission. If a student does not have a qualifying exam score, we offer our own school provided English proficiency assessment. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions covering listening, reading comprehension and language. Exam results are also used for high school eligibility and class placement.

*An additional fee is required for all international students who require additional English Language support. This fee covers the intensive and specialized support provided by Kennedy Catholic’s Office of International Education. Academic support, college advising, and foundation for success.   





We are proud to offer two scholarship programs for students in their first year at Kennedy Catholic. These awards are granted during the admissions process. We review applications and send scholarship offers at the same time that acceptance offers are made.

The President's Scholarship recognizes students who excel in the areas of: Leadership, Academic Excellence, Community Service or any combination of these. This particular award offers up to $10,000.

The Diversity Scholarship attracts students from underrepresented regions of the world to enrich the global community in our hallways and classrooms. This scholarship offers an award of up to $5,000 of tuition credit during the student's first year at Kennedy Catholic. 

Indicate your interest in these scholarships on your Online Application.