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  • April 2019

Throughout his life, Brian Halvorson ‘91 has been drawn to people.

There are those who motivate him, like his friends and family, those who form a brotherhood of support, like his coworkers, and those who have made learning fun, like his math teacher at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School (now Kennedy Catholic), Mr. Josie. A student athlete dedicated to swimming, Brian also enjoyed the many opportunities for academics, and the sense of family offered by Kennedy Catholic. Originally on the path to become a dentist, Brian quickly realized that wasn’t for him. He was drawn to a career that would offer excitement and get him away from an office, so he volunteered as a community firefighter while taking classes in Fire Science Technology. Two years later, he completed his AA degree in the subject, and went on to earn his Bachelor’s in Education from Eastern Washington University while taking his civil service tests for multiple fire service departments. Now in his exciting career, firefighting has taken Brian all over the West coast. 

Not only does it offer adventure, excitement, and constant changes, but it’s given him a link to some amazing people. His first position was with the Coeur d’Alene Fire Department as a firefighter, responding directly to fire emergencies, and he was promoted to Fire Inspector/Investigator a year later. As a Fire Inspector, he conducted inspections of buildings for safety compliance and worked to determine the cause of a fire after the fact. Shortly thereafter, he again moved, this time just outside of Portland, OR to Tualatin. Here, he took a position as a Deputy Fire Marshal with the Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue before changing to his current position with the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue as an Assistant Fire Protection Engineer. 

Using all of his experience, his job now consists of reviewing plans from architects for fire protection needed in new construction. Through all of these moves, Brian has learned about every aspect of fire safety and proper procedures. He has also experienced living in many different communities and climates, everything from the four seasons of Coeur d’Alene, to the desert of Las Vegas. Happy with the sun and mountain adventures of his latest home in Las Vegas, Brian takes every opportunity to get out with his family and go off-roading.


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