Third Wednesday of Advent

December 16, 2020

First Reading Isaiah 45:6C-8, 18, 21C-25
Gospel Luke 7:18B-23

Artwork by Samuel P. | Class of 2021

I remember walking into first period theology class my freshman year tired and mentally prepared to zone out. Little did I know my teacher would say something that would stick with me to this day: “Even if everyone else in your life were to abandon you, God will never abandon you.” I could not tell you why this quote stuck with me for so long, but it comes up at random times, even as I reflect on today’s reading.

For the longest time, I refused to ask for help. I would rather suffer in class and not understand, than ask my teacher for additional help or clarification. My stubbornness contributed to my faith as well. I felt like God could not do anything to help my situation. Even if He could, why should He? My problems are mine to deal with. I did not relieve my suffering until I heard God’s voice through the readings in the Bible.

God wants us to seek Him out for help. When I allowed God into my life and opened up to Him about my struggles, I was able to grow as an individual in addition to my faith. God saw the darkness, the brokenness, and knew He does not create “empty waste.” Experience with the darkness in life allowed me to acknowledge the goodness and light.

The thing about experiencing the darkest times is you can only go up from there. You are headed towards the light, and God will guide you towards the path of righteousness if you allow Him.

By Jennifer M.
Student, Class of 2021