Third Friday of Advent

December 18, 2020

First Reading Jeremiah 23:5-8
Gospel Matthew 1:18-25

Artwork by Courtney N. | Class of 2023

Once I realized that God had a plan for me during this extended isolation, I became more content with my journey. Before this realization, I often questioned why God would put me through such strenuous and difficult tasks when I’m just a seventeen-year-old girl trying to navigate the world. After my continuous prayers, I realized that my God has a plan for everyone, and He will bring us out of every single trial and tribulation we face. I will not be that exception.

Once you realize that every single hardship was built into your life for a reason, you can truly be at peace with your own story and learn to dance in the rain.

This year has been filled with hardships whether it be from losing loved ones, or losing a year of the high school experience, or even losing friends because of isolation. We must realize that we were made for this very purpose. Although times are challenging, we must trust the Lord to bring us out of every single hardship and learn to love every step of the journey to get to where He intends us to be.

By Josalyn M.
Student, Class of 2021