Second Thursday of Advent

December 10, 2020

First Reading Isaiah 48:17-12
Gospel Matthew 11:16-19

Artwork by Nathaniel B. | Class of 2023

Each year, I get so excited when my husband brings down our decorations and I rediscover family treasures that rekindle warm memories of Christmases past. It’s almost as if I have been waiting all year to open the bins and feel the joy that this time of year brings. And this time of year does bring joy! We are decorating and preparing for the birth of Jesus Christ.

Today’s readings remind us that Jesus is coming, and those who listen and understand will know and be glad. John the Baptist is referred to as Elijah, the one who prepares the way for the coming of the King, our King, the Messiah.

Even the earth is preparing and ready to bring forth a Savior; a Messiah who is kind, gracious, slow to anger, and merciful.

As we near the end of this incredibly difficult and divisive year, the birth of Jesus is the perfect event to pick us up and fill us with joy again. He promised us that we need to “Fear not, He will help us,” (Isaiah 41:15-16). So, as I unpack the decorations, I will try to unpack the worries and fears I have bottled up over the past year and decorate with a happy heart knowing Jesus is on His way.

By Alyson Soma
Director of Marketing & Communications