Memorial of St. Ambrose

December 7, 2020

First Reading Isaiah 35:1-10
Gospel Luke 5:17-26

Artwork by Kai M. | Class of 2021

When Jesus saw their faith, he said, ‘As for you, your sins are forgiven.'
 - Luke 5:20

If you are like me, a cradle Catholic, you really have read the Bible from front to back several times; you just didn’t sit and read it all the way through at one time. You heard it every Sunday for years and years and years.

Sometimes when we hear the readings year after year, we become desensitized to the message.

The Gospel today talks about a paralytic man being lowered down from a roof to where Jesus was preaching in a home. Yes, I have heard this several times. However, this is the first time I actually stopped to think, and envision the reality of that moment; people climbing to top of a house with a man on a stretcher and breaking through a roof. If I owned that house, I would be very upset, not to mention the liability that would be incurred if someone got hurt. What stands out in this reading is the fact that the paralytic man was physically healed, but the real story is that his sins were forgiven before he could walk. Somehow in the past, that got lost on me.

Jesus knew forgiveness of sins is our dominant need. Our needs are not to get our social, emotional, financial, or health problems solved. Those things might help impel us to seek God, but forgiveness of sins endears us to God and promises everlasting life with God. What could be more important? Jesus knew. And He is trying to tell us.

Those whom the Lord has ransomed will return. They will meet with joy and gladness, sorrow and mourning will flee. 

- Isaiah 35:10

By Peggy Cunningham
Executive Assistant to the President/Principal