Fourth Tuesday of Advent

December 22, 2020

First Reading 1 Samuel 1:24-28
Gospel Luke 1:46-56

Artwork by Marin S. | Class of 2023

In the Old Testament, Hannah was given the gift of a child. She prayed tearfully and desperately, to God for a son. When receiving the answer to her prayer, she realized the child that she would bear was not a gift for her to keep. Any child that is born is a true blessing for the world. Like Mary, Hannah was not to harness the child’s greatness for herself, but to raise the child to be true, right, and just and allow him to send that message to the world.

Christmas is a time of anticipating the arrival of the Christ child. In life, when we are preparing for a child to be born, in addition to the excitement, we also face uncertainty. In the verse prior to Luke 1:46-56, Elizabeth, Mary’s sister, refers to Mary as "Blessed." Mary speaks of herself as God’s “lowly handmaid.” This puts herself in a position of service not only to God, but to humanity. She has faith in God’s promise to raise the poor and downtrodden. Mary’s concerns for bringing a child into the world were calmed when she put her faith into the Lord and accepted the call of birthing our Savior.

As the Christmas season rolls in, I start to reflect on the gifts that I have been given in my life. I am reminded of the gift of my mother, who graciously adopted me after the death of my parents. She gifted me a huge family to love and support me in my time of need.

I learned how to be strong from my mother and to go out into the world using the talents that God gave me.

In a way, my mother reflects Mary because she never suspected my dad dying leaving her to raise five children on her own. I have learned from her how to be strong and to go out into the world using the talents that God has given me just like Hannah wanted for her son.

By Samantha G.
Student, Class of 2021