Memorial of St. Francis Xavier

December 3, 2020

First Reading Isaiah 26:1-6
Gospel Matthew 7:21, 24-27

Artwork by Marin S. | Class of 2023

The house of the Lord can be found anywhere. It is a space filled with worship and understanding. I see it as a place where I can be one with God. It may not be a church or chapel, but as long I can find a place, reflect and pray, it is a house of the Lord. Isaiah 26:1-6 describes the Lord’s house as one that protects us from evil. It is our rock that keeps us steady.

We are guaranteed a place of understanding and love in the Lord’s house. By praying in our own homes, this Advent Season we reflect all that the Lord has to offer us regardless of where we gather. Our faith is not attached to a physical place but rather a solid foundation.

In Matthew 7:21, 24-27, we picture houses built on sand and rocks. The house built on sand represents those who only think of themselves, while the house on rocks represents those who center themselves around God. As we read in the story, the house that was built on rock survives any storm and current thrown its way.

With God as our foundation, we are empowered to withstand any hardship and task life may give us. Having the Lord as our foundation gives us the keys to leading strong and impactful lives.

This time of year, people often struggle to find God's presence without being in church, making them miss the sense of community. This Christmas may all find joy in knowing that the house of the Lord is wherever you are.

By Annie B.
Student, Class of 2021