First Wednesday of Advent

December 2, 2020

First Reading Isaiah 25:6-10A
Gospel Matthew 15:29-37

Artwork by Sophia P. | Class of 2021

Advent provides us with the opportunity to celebrate and prepare for Christmas by recognizing God’s presence in our lives. While this year has brough immense struggle to everyone and their families, we can still find love and happiness in the integrity and generosity of our neighbors and communities.

In this passage, Jesus feeds four thousand people with a mere seven loaves of bread. We are encouraged to live our lives following Jesus’ example. In Matthew’s Gospel we see Jesus taking everything he has and giving it to the people that need it most.

In this past year of struggle and pain, we have been pushed to help ourselves and others with what we have to offer.

Although many of us have lost so much this past year due to COVID-19, from homecoming and sports seasons, to jobs and even some loved ones, God’s light continues to shine through.

Personally, I have seen people making masks to donate to hospitals and community organizations, volunteering at food banks to help provide food for those who cannot buy it at this time, and more recently, students signing up for the retreats at Kennedy Catholic.

Jesus calls us to live as He did, loving our neighbors and helping those in need. Although COVID-19 brings sadness and discouragement to many, our communities have stepped up to help support one another in any way possible.

By Alex W.
Student, Class of 2021