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Hear from current Lancers


Maya Q.
Why did you choose Kennedy Catholic?

I chose Kennedy Catholic because of the people and sense of family you feel the moment you step on campus.  I have been around the volleyball program since I was in first grade, and all the players and families were always so kind to me. As I grew older, I watched as several classes of freshmen came to tryouts not knowing anyone, and then graduated as inspiring individuals who genuinely cared for and loved each other. I realized that their time at Kennedy Catholic had shaped them into these extraordinary role models and leaders. By the time it was my turn to apply here, I knew that most of all, I wanted to spend these four years in a place that felt like home. 

What has your transition to high school been like?

The transition has been smooth overall, having the block schedule has been helpful with balancing my homework load, and the teachers at Kennedy are always there for support and do not mind you asking questions. My favorite part so far is the social aspect of being a Lancer. I previously attended an online school for 7th and 8th grade, so, I have loved and appreciated being able to meet so many new people and become a part of the Lancer Family. 

What are you involved in, or hoping to be involved in, at Kennedy Catholic?

I am currently involved in the Lancer Volleyball program. My favorite part about it so far is the home games! I love being able to watch and cheer on the C/JV teams, and then getting to play, all in one night. It is super cool to get to play in front of a crowd of fellow classmates and to see the support they bring. I am also a student ambassador here, and I have enjoyed showing people around who are considering being a Lancer. I am also hoping to join some clubs, and I am considering running Track this spring.  

What's been the highlight of your Freshman year so far?

The highlight of my year so far was the first home Volleyball game. It was such a close game, and the student section was gigantic which made playing super exciting and fun. I also have really enjoyed football games and Spirit Week assemblies! Going to homecoming and getting to see all my classmates and friends was a lot of fun, too. 

What advice would you give to a student considering Kennedy Catholic?

If you are a student considering Kennedy Catholic, I would recommend coming for a Lancer Visit Day. It is such a great way to get a taste of what a day in the life of a Lancer is like, and can be super fun! Another piece of advice I would give a student is to involve yourself in sports or clubs, or even both. Involving yourself in these things is a fantastic way to meet new people who share some of the same interests as you. 

Kayloni H-G.
What do you love about Kennedy Catholic?

It's not just a school, it's a family and everybody is loving and cares for each other. Many things stand out for me, but the most influential thing that has happened was during my freshman year. It was very difficult for me and all the staff and counselors helped me strive for my best. I also like that Kennedy Catholic prepares you for adulthood. I receive this support through AVID. AVID helps me stay organized in school, and without being in this class, I don't know where I would be. 

What are you involved in at school?

I am Junior class Co-President of the Black Student Union (BSU). BSU puts on many different events such as Ally Day, affinity group meetings (combining with other affinity groups like the Latinx Student Union and Filipino American Student Union). I am also a part of Forefront, a mental health and suicide prevention club, Peace and Justice Club, and the ASL Club. I am also on the Cheer team, and I play basketball! My favorite moment from cheer is at the end of every football game, we all pray and sing the Alma Mater together. 

It was recently Homecoming Week – what’s your favorite tradition?

The pep assembly! This year, I was voted onto Homecoming Spirit Royalty, so I was chosen to compete in pep assembly games against other royalty nominees. Also, because I’m on cheer, we performed with the band. We had a whole Spirit Week leading up to the big Homecoming game, so we had a dress up theme every day. The best day was “Soccer Moms vs. BBQ Dads.”

What advice would you give to a student considering Kennedy Catholic?

Stay organized, join clubs and sports, challenge yourself, and the most important one is to stay true to yourself and the values you stand by. 

How would you describe the Lancer Family?

The Lancer Family is the most caring and loving family you will ever meet. We care for everybody, and no matter who you are, you will be okay! Everybody is so relatable and understanding, it makes me feel safe and at home. When I first started school at Kennedy Catholic, I was definitely nervous, especially because my freshman year began during COVID. Finding community through a computer was very hard. But as I joined clubs, it made it a lot easier to create bonds with people, even though we were apart. By the time my first day of sophomore year came, I knew almost everybody and we had already made strong bonds. Kennedy Catholic is a really fun and caring environment that understands who we are and what we need.

Brandon B.
Why did you choose Kennedy Catholic High School?

My parents felt that Kennedy Catholic would provide a positive learning environment to challenge and prepare me for life after high school, but ultimately it was my decision. I chose this school based off what other people had told me. People kept talking about the Lancer Family, and how kind everyone is. I trusted them in my decision, and it was all worth it because the Lancer Family welcomed me with open arms. 

What are you involved in here? 

My time here at Kennedy Catholic is mostly spent being the Associated Student Body President, as well as playing football, wrestling, and baseball. It is tough to do everything, because Kennedy Catholic has so many amazing opportunities, but it's great because everyone can find something that they love. 

What do you love most about being a Lancer? 

The Lancer Family. For those who do not know, it consists of all the students, faculty and staff. The Lancer Family is what keeps me going through the hard times. People are always encouraging and rooting for me. Everyone is so kind and they are always willing to help me when I need it. At Kennedy Catholic, you will find people that make your experience amazing! 

How has Kennedy Catholic prepared you for life after high school? 

The schooling itself is manageable yet challenging, which has improved my learning and has helped me understand how to prioritize my time. Kennedy Catholic is filled with kind teachers and classmates who have helped me grow outside my comfort zone by asking for help and talking to people that I was previously nervous to talk to. The staff here is always willing to help me as well, whether I am confused or even if I need help with non-school related things. To sum it up, not only does Kennedy Catholic strengthen your knowledge, but it also helps you with your social skills. People want you to succeed here.

How do you hope to make Kennedy Catholic a better place as ASB president? 

I hope to bring tons of fun and joy to the school. The biggest thing that I am looking out for this year is how people are doing mentally. I want to make sure that everyone is happy and feels included in our Lancer Family. My job is to be here for the students, and my door is open to everyone. 



Claire A.
Why did you choose Kennedy Catholic High School?

I chose Kennedy Catholic because of the academic rigor, faith formation, and community aspect. I was looking forward to being challenged intellectually and preparing for my plans of going to a university. The retreat offerings here were also a huge factor because I got to combine my school, friends, and faith into a single area of my life. I felt Kennedy Catholic would help to holistically shape me and build my foundation before I move on into the world.


Do you participate in any clubs, activities, or athletics? What did you enjoy about them? 

Yes! I was captain of the Girl's Tennis team, a Search Leader, Sophomore Solidarity leader, a member of the National Honor Society, Peace and Justice Club, Lady Lancers, orchestra, and a Eucharistic Minister. I was able to involve myself in all of these clubs, meeting new people in each one. I loved how there was an immediate sense of community in every activity, and they make Kennedy Catholic feel like more than a place of notes and test taking. Each club was recognized and honored by the school as well.


What memory will you take away from your experience as a student here?

I will forever remember my teachers and how much of an impact they had on my life. The faculty and staff at Kennedy Catholic truly care about each student and will ensure they feel heard and reach success. I will always feel like I have a home here because of the warm atmosphere the faculty instills into the school.


What would you tell prospective students thinking about coming to Kennedy Catholic?

It's a school that wants to see you grow! You get what you put into an experience, so take advantage of the opportunities Kennedy Catholic provides. It has a lot to offer from sports, to art programs, to incredible retreats, making it a place where you can find a good fit for yourself pretty easily. The Lancer Family is real - you just have to give it a chance!


How has Kennedy Catholic prepared you for life after high school?

Now that I've graduated, I feel confident going into university-level studies. The counselors were extremely helpful with college applications, and discussing which path would best fit my ultimate career goal. There are opportunities to improve professionalism, like knowing how to dress and hold yourself. There is an expectation of accountability, and you have to know how to ask for help when you need that extra support. Simply asking for help makes you realize there is a ton to go around, and you do not need to struggle alone. Kennedy Catholic also helped me realized that I’m not alone in the world, and people want to see me reach my goals!


Khaysia L.
Why did you choose Kennedy Catholic for high school?

A close friend recommended I apply to Kennedy Catholic. When I toured the school, I heard about homecoming, all the after-school activities, fun clubs I could join, student support, and school spirit. I knew right away that this school would be a good choice for me.

What was your experience transitioning from middle school to high school like?

Transitioning from middle school to high school was very nerve-racking, but thanks to Freshmen orientation, it really wasn’t hard. The day before school starts, freshmen walk through their schedules and meet their teachers. Afterward, we went to a roller skating rink to make friends with other first year students.

What memory will you take away from your experience as a student here?

I was cast in the fall play this year! I’ll remember the memories of hanging out with the theater kids backstage and in rehearsals. They made me feel welcomed when being the only Freshman in the cast, and I did not know anyone at first. I also love my friends here, and just being weird and laughing at lunch, or during passing periods. They are what I look forward to every day.

What would you tell prospective students thinking about coming to Kennedy?

For all prospective students who are thinking about coming to Kennedy Catholic, please know that this is a great school where you'll receive an amazing education. You’ll make unforgettable friendships, be involved with fun activities and clubs, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Rienzi F.


Why did you choose Kennedy Catholic for high school?

Among all the other schools I shadowed in my eighth-grade year, Kennedy Catholic was the only one that felt truly welcoming. The community was friendly and inclusive, and I just felt comfortable being myself around other Kennedy students.

Do you participate in any clubs, activities, or athletics? If so, why do you enjoy them?

I LOVE FASU!!! Join FASU, FASU is the Filipino American Student Union! I enjoy FASU so much because we are a very tight and inclusive community. We are like a family, and we teach each other more about Filipino culture, and growing closer together as friends.I also run for the school's Track and Field team. It is a very enjoyable way for me to work out and get involved in the Kennedy Catholic community. 

What memory will you take away from your experience as a student here?

Asking me to pick just one memory out of all the great ones I've made here at Kennedy Catholic is simply impossible. I cannot encapsulate all the good I've had the privilege to experience here. One thing that I know for certain is that I will never forget the warmth of the acceptance and love that my peers give me every day. 

What would you tell prospective students thinking about coming to Kennedy?

If you're thinking of coming to Kennedy Catholic, just know that you have a place here. Whether you're a band kid looking for people to jam out with, an athlete with an interest in getting better at a sport, or a gamer looking for people who share your love for League of Legends, there will always be a group of people at this school who are ready to welcome you with open arms.



Patrick D.

What would you tell prospective families thinking about coming to Kennedy Catholic?

I would tell prospective students that this is a great school. You feel connected to a full community from the moment you go through the gauntlet as a freshman, to everyday school, to sports games to, eventually, graduation. There are so many amazing programs to take part in and I’ve learned so much in both academic and life skills. I love Kennedy Catholic, and I look forward to seeing next year’s freshmen in the halls. 

Do you participate in any clubs, activities, or athletics?

I run cross country in the fall, track in the spring, I'm in band, and part of ASB (student government). I really enjoy cross country and track because they’re no-cut sports, they have great communities, and I enjoy running with my team and pushing each other to do better. I like being in band for so many reason, but mainly, there are a lot of people there who share the same love of music, and we have a lot of fun together. There are also so many band events, including playing at football games and pep assemblies, movie nights, various other performances here and there, and the annual band retreat, all of which are so much of fun! Finally, I’m a sophomore ASB officer, which means I get to help coordinate school events, dances, and decorations around the school. I get to make the Lancer experience better for those around me. 

What memory will you take away from your experience as a student here?

I'll always remember the amazing community and the power of the Lancer family. Everyone always has each other’s back. Take our football games, for example: the student body shows up decked out in Lancer gear, the band plays, cheer performs, and the football team is out on the field. Everyone is connected through the Lancer family, and it’s really special to see.