Bus Transportation Registration

Kennedy Catholic bus transportation begins on the first day of regular classes. The school offers transportation as a service to families and does not make a profit on the program. DIRECTIONS: please complete the following form to register for bus service. All students who plan to ride the bus (even on occasion) must have a registration form completed.


It is the intention of the parent/guardian to contract for the use of the transportation of the Kennedy Catholic bus to transport our student(s) to and/or from Kennedy Catholic High School for the school year beginning in September and ending in June.

Passengers are subject to the authority and regulations of the bus driver while boarding, riding and leaving the bus.

I/We agree that liability will not be asserted now will suit be commenced against Kennedy Catholic High School and/or its employees for any injury received while a passenger in the school bus nor any act not explicitly covered by the insurance policy or policies carried by Kennedy Catholic High School.

I/We agree to purchase and use a Bus Pass or pay $3 for individual rides which must be paid at the time of boarding. Bus passes are not replaceable if lost and refunds cannot be issued for unused portions of cards.