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Media Policy

Kennedy Catholic High School’s goal is to provide the media and other professional organizations with comprehensive and hospitable access to our Athletic Program. We appreciate the positive publicity our school and student-athletes receive as a result of your work. In formulating a media policy, we tried to address as many groups and questions as possible. This media policy applies to those legitimate media outlets interested in covering Kennedy Catholic Athletics. 

Coach and Student-Athlete Interview Policies 

  • Interview requests for Kennedy Catholic High School coaches and student-athletes should be made through the Kennedy Catholic Athletic Department by contacting Harley Wells-Schultz, Assistant Athletic Director,  or Alyson Soma, Director of Marketing and Communications.
  • All Kennedy Catholic coach and student-athlete interview requests should be made at least 48 hours in advance. 
  • Media members are asked to please not contact Kennedy Catholic student-athletes directly for interviews.
  • When on campus during school hours (7:30am – 3:30pm), all members of the media are required to check in at the Main Office to receive a visitor's pass for the time they will be on campus. 
  • After receiving the visitor’s pass, the media member will be directed to either Harley Wells-Schultz, Alyson Soma, or a member of the coaching staff for their interview.

  • Should the member of the media organization be on campus after school hours, they must check in with Harley Wells-Schultz, or a member of the coaching staff for their interview. 

  • A member of the Athletic Department or coaching staff will coordinate all player interviews and will be coordinated either before or after practice. 

  • Team locker rooms are off limits to media representatives at all times. 

 Practice Media Coverage 

  • Members of the media may request access to attend practice through the Athletics Department (see contact information above). 

  • If access is granted, members of the media will have access to the first or last 20 minutes of practice to collect b-roll footage for an interview or story. 

  • All interview requests will be arranged before the start of, or at the end of, practice. 

  • Please contact the Athletics Department to make arrangements (see contact information above). 

Game Day Media Coverage 

  • Members of the media who want to cover a Kennedy Catholic athletic event will need to request a media credential at least 48 hours in advance.  

Media Credential Request Form

  • Requests should include each person who would like to attend and their duties. 

  • No email or phone requests will be accepted. 

  • Kennedy Catholic makes the final determination of who will receive media credentials. It is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure their request is received. For questions, email Harley Wells-Schultz or Alyson Soma.  

  • All passes will be held at the team entrance. They will not be mailed. 

  • Kennedy Catholic coaches and student-athletes will not be available for pre-game interviews unless allowed by the Athletic Department. 

  • Kennedy Catholic coaches and student-athletes will be available to the media approximately 10 minutes after the conclusion of the game. 

  • The Kennedy Catholic locker room is closed to all members of the media on game day. 

  • Kennedy Catholic does not issue media credentials to commercial photographers. Media credentials are intended for media purposes only. 

  • No photos/video shall be sold to the public, including coaches or any student athlete’s parents without consent from the Athletic Department. 


Credentials or tickets for spouses, friends, children, etc. will not be provided. 

Acceptance of the media credentials to Kennedy Catholic athletic events constitutes an agreement by the individual to abide by all media regulations of Kennedy Catholic. 

FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY: The use of electronic flash equipment, other than remote off-camera strobe flash, is prohibited at all indoor Kennedy Catholic events. 

Kennedy Catholic prohibits the sale of photographs from any Kennedy Catholic event (athletic or otherwise), and will not credential any photographers whose photos will be used for any purpose other than media coverage.