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Collegiate Recruiting

If an athlete is contacted personally by a college recruiter, they are encouraged to work through their Kennedy Catholic coach and the Athletic Department so that all possible assistance may be offered. All contacts with the college recruiter during the school day must be preceded by approval from the principal or the designee.

Any student, recruited or not, who wishes to participate in intercollegiate athletics in NCAA Division I or Division II schools must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. This can be done at and click on Eligibility Center. The NCAA Clearinghouse also has vital information on requirements for core courses, SAT/ACT tests and GPA.

Students interested in competing at the collegiate level should also visit the athletics page for any school the student is interested in to fill out a “Prospective Athlete” form. Junior year is a good time to complete these forms so athletes can get on the radar of college coaches.

Please visit our College and Career Counseling Department for more information.