The philosophy of Kennedy Catholic Athletics is based upon two pillars that complement those of the school community as a whole: to foster a championship culture and in turn to establish a world-class high school athletic program.

Lancer Athletics is not seeking success purely for the sake of championships, trophies and top-level collegiate progression. While some programs might sacrifice the positive culture of a group for short-term success of a few, a true world-class program is one whose accolades are a by-product of the culture and not the other way around.

Fostering a championship culture

  • Unrelenting celebration of student-athlete success, across all programs, at all times. Few things should be as special to a high school student-athlete than wearing your school’s name across the chest in competition. Yet in the day and age of club and select sports, that has diminished in the eyes of many kids and parents. Your school team should not be just another team, it should be the team. One of the best ways to build that pride is through promoting competition, effort, and success. Taken to its base level, everyone will know the sport you play, how well you played it, and how hard you worked for that success.
  • Teach more than the physical skills. Grow, craft and build leaders in and out of competition. Too often, high performing student-athletes are put into leadership roles on their teams for no other reason than their proficiency in their sport. Our job cannot end at teaching the skills to win the game, we must teach the skills to win at life. The facts are what they are, and the majority of high school athletes will not reach a higher level of athletic success. They will, however, go on to thrive in their communities, excel in the workforce and support their future families.
  • Wholeheartedly support all constituents involved in the athletic department. A championship culture cannot exist without everyone feeling supported and integral in the mission. This goes beyond our student-athletes and coaches, and includes parents and families, teachers and school staff, alumni, fans and more.

Establish a world-class athletic program

  • Compete and challenge ourselves at the highest level across all sports. There can be no program left behind in this climb as Lancer Athletics owes it to all of our student-athletes to do everything possible to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience in every sport and activity we offer. This means sending our student-athletes into competition day-in and day-out with all of their basic needs met - being safe, strong, fed and rested - and also to their peak of physical and mental preparation.
  • Succeed in all facets of building student-athletes. Our student-athletes will strive for and reach success in all areas including but not limited to: academic achievement, team success, and individual accomplishments.
  • Hire, develop, and foster elite-level athletic staff. Lancer Athletics coaches have access to all avenues, supports and tools necessary to continually develop as people, leaders and experts in their fields. We push and support a growth mindset amongst staff. We reward and celebrate successes with the goal of making staff feel valued and wanted. Beyond everything, we never settle for mediocrity in effort.
  • Provide quality facilities that are an asset to program offerings. Lancer Athletics strives to maximize available space, internal and external facilities, partnerships, and resources to provide student-athletes with all tools needed to thrive. We undertake projects with the long-term focus in mind – there are very few short-term fixes. Finally, we never allow for facilities to be an excuse or hindrance to the end goal.
  • Continually look for opportunities to stretch the breadth and depth of the program. The Lancer Athletics brand must grow up (strengthening the connection with alumni) and down (establishing a greater reach among feeder/area youth), while the core product must remain malleable and flexible enough to adapt to trends and opportunities for current and future student-athletes.