Athletic Awards

For more than 50 years, Lancer student-athletes have excelled on the field, court, and throughout all forms of competition. Our rich athletic history includes multiple team state championships, countless individual champions, hundreds of alumni who advanced to compete at the collegiate level, and dozens of current and former professional athletes.

We celebrate those successes through the Val Kirk Memorial Award as well as the Carl J. Velling Award, both presented annually to deserving senior student-athletes who have excelled in and out of competition during their time on campus.

Our most decorated athletes, teams and coaches are featured in our Hall of Fame, of which plaques of each can be found in the foyer of the Goodwin Gymnasium. Nominations are always being accepted. To submit your nomination, fill out our form here.

Val Kirk Award

The Val Kirk Award was established in 1970 by Mr. Bill Kirk in memory of his father, a man long associated with amateur athletics in the Seattle area. This award is presented yearly to a senior boy and girl who have excelled in at least two sports during his/her senior year. The individuals must have achieved high academic ranking and displayed qualities of good citizenship during his/her school career.

Past recipients include:

Year Female Recipient Male Recipient
1970 Dave Houk
1971 Dave Anderson
Mike Dochow
1972 Jack Castagna
1973 Steve Linde
1974 Bob Castagna
1975 Mike Ward
1976 Brad Bull
1977 Dave Alston
1978 Al Waltner
1979 Cathy Benitez Dave Gruber
1980 Kathy Gronowick Brenno Defeo
1981 Gina Hanson Billy Jacobsen
1982 Karen Suntedt Paul Ahern
1983 Karen Gannon John Bowman
1984 Julie Holland Peter Sposare
1985 Tina Stewart Mark Hazel
1986 Kathe Tobin John Dennis
1987 Krista Hazelgrove Jerry Velling
1988 Donna Jones Tom Colombo
1989 Fiona Lloyd Jodi McCann
1990 Marne Hazelgrove Erick Schug
1991 Dee Dee Robertson Brad Jutte
1992 Rachel Purcell Paul Graddon
1993 Marne Maloney Sean Blumhoff
1994 Stephanie Meier Damian Schug
1995 Michelle French Chris French
1996 Cari Chase Joe McCann
1997 Amanda Shellenberger Eddie Gayles
1998 Celest Quitquit Sean Nielsen
1999 Stephanie Mummert Kevin Kawasaki
2000 Kia Crotty Dan McLean
2001 Jackie Codiga Andy Paves
2002 Stephanie Kerns Paul Danforth
2003 Jordan Eckman A. J. Porter
2004 Jasmine Wilson Zach Cooper
2005 Carley Koebel Kyle Hill
2006 Taylor Trautmann Marcus Williams
2007 Stephanie Slatt Kevin Freitag
Robert Gentry
2008 Brianne Lindblad Kevin Munsch
2009 Lia Swartout Treavion Watson
2010 Julia Besagno Chris Pitre
2011 Jennifer Donohue Darian Brooks
2012 Jordan Kiga Joseph Lesar
2013 Holly Piper Dominic Peretti
2014 Sierra Bains Jason Cowan
2015 Natalie Mutter Alexander Lesar
2016 Maggie Gallagher Jeffrey Kasahara
2017 Helena Ducusin Jared Thurber
2018Lauren ShoemakerBrendan Stoll
2019Marissa TweedyBen Kinerk

Carl J. Velling Award

The Carl J. Velling Award is presented yearly to a senior boy and senior girl who have excelled in two sports, or received recognition as exceptionally gifted in one sport during their senior year. Also, the individuals must have displayed the same kind of motivation in the classroom that has led to success in athletics. Dr. Roy Velling established this award in 1970 to honor the memory of his father, Mr. Carl Velling.

Past recipients include:

Year Female Recipient Male Recipient
1970 Joe Castagna
1972 Tom Iddings
1973 Floyd Bannister
1974 Kevin Callan
1975 Ron Bess
1976 Linda Savio
1977 Jim Stone
1978 Polly Beard Dan Stone
1979 Kay Garnett Chris Stone
1980 Bobby Jo Crow Brian Bertsch
1981 Chris Pollinger Mike Velling
1982 Cathy Santini Grant Thacker
1983 Gwen Roedel Eric Orse
1984 Kim Toby Ed Wardian
1985 Karissa Pedersen Leland Allen
1986 Theresa Miller Rudy Grandbois
1987 Angie Pellechia Tim O'Brien
1988 Kate Rossman Vince Otoupal
1989 Julie Holmes Leif Johnson
1990 Marisa Bernasek Joe Shaw
1991 Teresa Rigoni Jarrett Johnson
1992 Debbie Montgomery Jamar Williams
1993 Kristen Shaner Rex Prescott
1994 Shannon Englin Keth Grotty
1995 Alison McDowell Leland Gales
1996 Robyn Perkins Robert Prescott
1997 Christine Arakian Troy Testerman
1998 Laure Aurelio Floyd Wade
Maureen Frary
1999 Aaron Brown
Paul Arnold
2000 Kelly Stewart Latrel Williams
2001 Liz Fehrenback Cory Jones
2002 Nikki Porter Tim Hallam
2003 Karissa Mummert Johnny Lopez
2004 Kaitlyn Jackson Brian Clapp
2005 Kelsey Burns Michael Yellam
2006 Lauren Donlin Jeremy Bland
2007 Anissa Madrid Nathan Williams
2008 Karli Merlich Everette Thompson
2009 Jamie Yellam Nolan Washington
2010 Ashley Davis Vince McCluskey
2011 Jennica McPherson Nicolas Armitage
2012 Jordan Nakatani Jason Thompson
2013 Catherine Pennie Andrew Thompson
2014 Myah Williams Colin Cossette
2015 Nicole Miller Tommy Thach
2016 Angela Gagliardo Griffin Matthews
Shayne McPherson
2017 Miyu Miyushita Trevor Hoffman
2018Malia AleagaBowen McConville
2019Alyssa NguyenAaron Barber

Hall of Fame

The Lancer Athletics Hall of Fame is reserved for the most influential and successful members of our athletic community. The group features past athletes, coaches, teams and other contributors - all who have left lasting impressions on Kennedy Catholic High School.

Members are inducted through a nomination process done in conjunction with the Kennedy Catholic Booster Club. Inductees are then celebrated in a formal ceremony in front of friends, family and many past teammates and supporters.

Honorees include:

Hall of Fame Member(s) Induction Date
Mike Utley '84 1998
Floyd Bannister '73 1998
Frank Constantino 1998
Renita K. Garnett '79 1998
Tom Merrill 1998
George Hoffman 1999
Bill Moroco 2000
Michelle French '95 2000
Lou Tice 2002
Jack Fitterer 2002
Paul Arnold '99 2004
Irene Cox 2004
Felix “Speed” Sposari 2013
Celeste Quitiquit '98 2013
1973 State Championship Baseball Team 2013
Walt Kostecka 2014
Dan Stone '78 2014
1988 State Championship Girls Soccer Team 2014
Bill Eisiminger 2014
Bob Bourgette 2016
Deidre Robertson Miller '91 2016
Chris Zocco '87 2016
1997 State Championship Boys Soccer Team


Dino Josie '822019
Doug Stamnes2019