Participating in high school athletics is a privilege. In order to represent Kennedy Catholic High School in athletic competition, participants must meet a variety of requirements set forth by both the school and the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA). The following list highlights a number of key WIAA rules that may affect athletic participation. For additional questions, please contact the school’s athletic office.

  • Academic Standards: A student shall have received a passing grade in all classes AND achieve a 2.0 or greater grade point average (GPA) in the immediately preceding semester in order to be eligible for competition in the following semester. Not meeting the academic standard will affect a student’s eligibility to participate in contests. Coaches, relevant teachers, and the Athletic Director will review findings and determine the appropriate participation level of an athlete who needs to meet the standard, not less than WIAA requirements.
  • Athletic Academic Probation: Academic and behavioral checks will be conducted by the athletic office for each sport season at predetermined dates (approximately every 5-6 weeks). If a student is failing any classes at any check, that student will be placed on academic/athletic probation. The student may be required to attend Lancer Academy after school until his/her grades are found to meet standard. The student can become eligible to participate once he/she receives a grade check that indicates he/she no longer has a failing grade.
  • Transfer Students: Varsity eligibility for all transfer students is determined according to WIAA policy. Paperwork for eligibility must be completed in partnership with the Athletic Director.
  • Season Limitation: A student will have four consecutive years of athletic/activity eligibility beginning with first enrollment as a ninth grader.
  • Age: A high school competitor shall be under 20 years of age at the beginning of the sport season in which he/she participates.
  • Limited Team Membership: After joining a school squad, a student may participate in non-school athletic activities, provided, in the opinion of school officials, the activities do not adversely affect the performance of the athlete in practice and/or competition.
  • Enrollment and Regular Attendance: A student must be enrolled and in regular attendance within the first 15 school days in a semester in order to participate in interscholastic contests during the current semester.
  • Previous Semester Rule: A student shall have been in regular attendance in an elementary, intermediate or high school during the semester immediately preceding the semester in which the contest is held.


Participants in the interscholastic program at Kennedy Catholic High School are covered by a Liability Catastrophe Plan paid for by the school; however, parents are responsible for the cost of treatment for injuries of a non- catastrophic nature. For this reason, Kennedy Catholic High School requires athletes to be covered by medical and dental insurance while participating in interscholastic athletics.